Our life lately: according to just one photo, because I'm too lazy to edit anymore.

posted on: 6.05.2012

My parents & sister came into town for a week- we had a ball piling into the car & exploring more of Michigan. Drove west and made a visit over to Holland and Saugatuck, played on Lake Michigan, then spent a day at the Henry Ford Museum. We crossed off two carnivals and the art fair from our summer bucket list. Tate caught 13 fish with her Grandpa & got her own fishing pole. We threw a party for the boys birthday. My parents left and my sister stayed, and is staying ALL summer. Wahoo! We've been playing a lot. She got a job at Anthropologie (sweet!). Wyatt worked nights in the ER for a week, with an hour and 1/2 commute each way. Tate had her preschool Spring Musical and now thinks she's basically a member of The Fresh Beat Band. Tuck spent some time in the hospital- his 6th visit there since we've lived here. He's getting better though. Finn took his first steps! Ate dinner on the patio as a real fox went casually trotting up the driveway, past my car, and right through our backyard. Wyatt was in a car crash, that wasn't his fault, and the other driver sped away. We've trapped and caught 4 racoons in our backyard, plus 1 woodchuck. Still trying to catch the other woodchuck. The kids have been enjoying their new tree swing & shhhhhh, we just bought a tramp!
And... Brooke and Tuck have been catching up on the new US weekly.

So, I'll be back in a bit, after I'm done editing all of those pictures!
Hope your summer is going well too:)


  1. Whew! That list tires me out...like your nightly highs and lows on steroids:) I can't wait to see the pictures to relive our part of that awesomeness!

  2. aaah! first of all.... i love that picture. it's so adorable. i just love tuck in his glasses and with his soothie. it's so funny too because when you open the post you don't see what they're looking at first and then you scroll down to the us magazine! classic... he looks like he's enjoying the pictures and snuggle time with auntie and that's all that matters. so much has been going on - and mostly good. i'm happy to hear about family love and 13 fish - wow! but, i am sorry to hear about tuck's hospital visits, wyatt's er overnights and his crash. i hope all the wonderful things in your lives are helping to ease the suffering that life also brings. big hug to you! so lucky your sister is staying for the whole summer and will be working at anthropologie! i'm assuming she gets a discount... : )

  3. best picture of all time, no doubt. what a fun, busy summer you've already had! i'm so happy brooke is there with you. that has to be a dream! stupid guy that crashed into wy and sped off. i'm thinking evil thoughts about him! so excited to see you in a short month and a half....right? what's the status? love to you all! i'm due today....and still no baby. come little man, please come!

  4. that is BUSY.

    is Wyatt ok? is Tuck ok?

    I'm assuming so, but just wanted to check!!

    and cuuutest pic.

  5. oh gosh. I just took a deep breath for you. (hospitals and car crashes are life's biggest stresses.) but a tree swing! (we're in the market too.)

    I'll also empathize on the woodchuck. true story- my dad just shot one (!) last night. apparently they're terrors. good luck with that. maybe hire a country grandpa with a shotgun?

  6. New here and those glasses?? Slay my heart kinda cute.


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