A couple girly things for sale

posted on: 6.03.2012

I'm in the slow process of organizing my kids clothes. I always have a hard time getting rid of things. Actually, let me re-phrase that. I have a hard time letting go of my kids things. I'm actually really good at throwing/giving away everything else, sometimes to a fault. 
But, here are a couple of Tate's that I have to part with...

*SOLD Misha Lulu dress, size 4. In perfect condition. Worn, and washed maybe twice. $30
 Retails for $60. 

Patent leather Bloch flats, size 26, $25
Very lightly worn on the toe. Retail for $60-$100.

Garnet Hill tankini, size 2 (runs big, Tate just grew out of this) $15
Worn a lot, but still in perfect condition (gosh those suits are made well- nice and thick!)

*SOLD Eberjey two piece bathing suit, size 4 (runs very small, more like a 2-3 I think). $30
 Retails for $60. Worn only once, in perfect condition and sooo adorable on!

Coyote bookends, from Wolfum. Brand new, just can't find a spot for them. $40
So cool, and very sturdy! Retail for $62 here.

Please email me at chelseahorsley@yahoo.com if you'd like them. I'll sell them on a first come, first serve basis, and will accept paypal- use my email to find my account. Shipping on the clothes is $3, shoes $5, and $8 for the bookends because of size and weight.

ps- keep watching... LOTS of fabulous boys stuff coming this week also:)


  1. Oh how I wish I had a baby girl! If you decide to sale any of your boy clothes let me know and I will be all over that with the second baby boy on his way! Your kids are always dressed to perfection.

  2. Mel- I'll have a lot of boys stuff later this week:)

  3. so many darling things. oh girls. how fun it would be to have one! bring on the boys stuff!! :)


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