The time she learned to draw stars

posted on: 5.23.2012

It was a regular old night. Wyatt was down playing with the boys, and I was upstairs with Tate. She asked me to draw her stars to color, and I suggested showing her how to draw her own.
There really wasn't anything special about it. But something about how much she concentrated, tried, tried again, succeeded, and then spent the next hour perfecting, I loved. I quickly grabbed my camera so I didn't miss this milestone for her! The wonder of childhood is so amazing, and this night especially, I wanted to freeze her forever. 

Sometimes I forget, because Tate is so responsible, that she's only five. I hope so badly to never take that for granted, and nights like this help me to remember that she's still my little girl. 
Learning for the first time how to make a star.

 Later that night she helped me water the plants outside. When she spotted a crescent moon in sky, she lay on the grass. I asked what for. 
"To see more stars".
It was just a simple night that I never want to forget.

*Tate's wearing- dress: old navy, leggings: crewcuts, boots: nordstrom, jacket: mini boden


  1. You write so beautifully Chelsea! What a perfect moment to capture for her. She's going to cherish that you took the time to talk about that sweet day when she's older!

  2. What a beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder that "real" life happens when we least expect it on an ordinary day. Such a fun memory to capture for sweet Tate.

  3. I love this. I think we all forget she's only 5 because she's so beyond her years. these are the moments that leave me so excited and anxious for this little man to come! so darling. glad you documented such a sweet moment.

  4. Such a sweet and wonderful moment! I'm so glad you captured it, and shared it with us! Love you both! Mom


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