There's another NERD in the family

posted on: 5.17.2012

I'm not the only one who needs specs. Tuck's now sporting the coolest little pair ever!
It took me about, um 30 seconds, to completely fall in love with his face in those.
Grandpa-nerd-chic is the look we're going for now. That's a thing, right?

If you're curious, they're Miraflex brand, and we've loved them. I really wanted to get him these, but I'll have to wait until he's three since they don't come small enough. 

He keeps them on quite well. It took him not a half a day to get used to them and to stop pulling them off. Like his opthamologist predicted, once he realized how much more he can see with them on he'd actually want to wear them. So far that's true.

How did we know he needed glasses so young? Every specialist we saw (which is a lot!) suggested we get his eyes tested. There were obvious signs to them. I'm glad we did because Tuck is extremely far sighted and will most likely always need glasses, says the doctor. 
I'm so happy he can finally see clearly all the wonders out there! We're basically obsessed with this cutie.

ps- of course we don't really think people who wear glasses are nerd's. we totally dig them.

*Tuck's outfit: grandpa cardigan- american apparel, t-shirt- old navy, shorts- h&m



    This is the freaking cutest thing I have EVER seen.


  2. I seriously have tears in my eyes. He has got to be the cutest little man I have EVER EVER EVER seen! How do you not just squish his adorable face all day long?! :)

  3. i do not know why but this makes me cry! he is so adorable... he honestly radiates - i love him so so much! what a cutie. i think i'm going to make that second picture my desktop background cause it makes me so happy. love him!

  4. I love them! My little guy has to get glasses soon and I have been browsing the net for "cool" guy glasses and the Very French Gangsters have been my favorite! It's funny you loved them too!
    You little guy looks darling in them!!!

  5. Your Tuck is seriously the cutest little man I have ever seen. I want to steal him! Love the glasses.

  6. Your boy is just the cutest! And, seriously, those cheeks!! He's adorable!

  7. these glasses 100% deserved their own blog post. we have been dying over the couple of pictures brooke has posted on instagram. oh man, he's the most luscious child in the universe! i'm seriously in love with that face and smile. so happy that he can see clearly now. i bet that discovery was purely magical for him. love him.

  8. can Tuck get any cuter?!! Seriously, those glasses and fat feet are just too much.

  9. Just draw a scar on him and call him Harry Potter! Oh my freakin cuteness!

  10. holy crap! not many things cuter than that! he is to die for. perfect fit!

  11. In all fairness, you should totally post the pic of Tuck and Boo catching up on the new US his celeb lovin, hip side too:)
    He is too cute for words! I miss him BAD!!

  12. Stop it! He is all sorts of Amazing!! It's maddening that I don't get to see him ( + you others) on a more regular basis.

    Happy Birthday to those adorable boys and Anniversary to you and yours!

  13. Tuck + these glasses! There couldn't be a better fit and I'll be surprised if he's not showing up in advertisements already. He is so beautiful. Great camera work, too.

    You have my email. I want to meet your awesome family when you come "home".

  14. So cute, even Chris who never comments on anything bloggish thought he was a adorable. But, well, I guess you know, I have a thing for guys with glasses. ;)

  15. Sarah Jenkins5/20/12, 9:27 PM

    Excellent choice in glasses. Will you pick mine out next time for me?

    I would say, I just need to squeeze him, but Jess says that frightens people. And then I would say, It's just how I feel inside.

    He is adorable.

  16. Grandpa nerd look? Spot on, and that's totally a thing! Those glasses are so adorable!

  17. he literally looks like a munchkin. oh my gosh. i die.


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