Kids: They're Just Like Us

posted on: 5.02.2012

You know the title, right? You do if you read US magazine (embarrassed to say I do!) Well, we love our walks in Franklin, the quaint little town just around the corner from our house. This mornings walk was really great though. We both had mail to send off. Me to sisters, her to a friend.
She watched me grab my shades, she ran up to get hers. As I buckled the boys in their stroller I heard the clanking of her dragging hers down the stairs. So we both took our mail, and our twins, on a walk to the post office.

Stopping on the bridge to snap a picture (by a neighbor who was their with her grandson looking under the bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff Troll:). Fits this town perfect, I thought. Now, we'll have to be extra quiet next time we cross.

It's having this little town so close, and all it's charm, that make is so hard to ever think about leaving! I sure do love our walks into Franklin.

Tate's wearing: jacket:mini boden, red skinny jeans:target, shoes: native miller, 


  1. I love Tate and all of her grown-up ways. It is so fun to hear about her conversations and see her cute style. What a girl!

  2. omigosh. I die. she is the cutest!

  3. I love her little propped foot in the one picture. She's such a doll

  4. oh what a sweet little treasure! so funny to chelsea, because we've walked to our post office a few times - and just went yesterday to do the same thing. i had a letter to send to a friend, and he had letters to send to his grandmas. but, my oh my, my pictures wouldn't have been as cute. we live in a nice neighborhood of cookie cutter houses, but they all look the same and the post office is nothing special like yours in franklin. there are no woods. but, we did talk about the evergreen trees in the neighborhood and listened to the different birds chirping. : ) love little tate. ezra wore his own put together outfit of boots and a long sleeve. i think he'd rather be in michigan because he was dressed to warm for california.

  5. she sure is the sweetest mother in training. ah, your town....heaven. i can't believe i haven't experienced it personally. i think i'm flying out there as soon as i have this baby.

  6. pretty sure we will be on the next flight out just to take a walk with you! Love it & miss you all

  7. This is just TOO Cute! I love it all and your little Tate.
    Can't believe your twins are already one. You give me hope that I will survive :)


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