I blinked and they turned One

posted on: 5.04.2012

Happy Happy Birthday to Mr. Finn & Tuck Man today!
 I have a million things I want to say. A million overwhelming thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
First thing is first though, let's celebrate!
*tops- target, pants- gap kids
Finn, Today you are 1!
Today you are a flirt. Big time.
Today you like to wiggle, and squirm, and move all day long.
Today you love to be chased up the stairs.
Today you are a string bean with a pot belly.
Today you have lashes that go on for days, that all the ladies envy.
Today you don't like baby food much.
Today you prefer what we eat, especially wheat bread and yogurt.
Today you have whispy light brown hair that's been cut once. 
Today you are becoming more of a cuddler and like to lay your head on our shoulder when you're sleepy. It melts me.
Today you have wonderfully soft baby skin that always smells good.
Today you laugh at anything that big sister of yours does, especially in the car.
Today you love tipping upside down, and purposely falling in your crib.
Today you hate to wear hats.
Today you weigh 19 pounds, and have a bigger head than Tuck.
Today you crawl, fast. You cruise, and you stand well. 
Today your favorite is the toy table, and the wooden stacking ring for banging (and dad's guitar!).
Today you have 8 teeth.
Today your head-tilt-to-the-shoulder is my favorite expression you do.
Today lots of people think you're a girl when we're out- sorry about that.
Today you are already protective. You cry when ever you hear Tuck cry, and you often peek over your crib when you hear him whimpering. (but don't sit on his head anymore, okay?)
Today your face melts down when you smile, and it our favorite.

Happy Birthday Finn! We adore everything about you!

*tuck's stripe romper- fluke from gilt
Tuck, today you are 1!
Today you made it home from the hospital 30 minutes before this big day- good job buddy!
Today you are my chubby lover.
Today you are the sweetest, really, ever.
Today your smile goes on for days and I'd do anything to see it over and over again.
Today you are ticklish everywhere. Even in your ears!
Today you still have the most perfect baby hands I've ever seen.
Today you love eating, and get very excited about it each time. You never fuss, and will eat anything.
Today you have 2 teeth, with two more on their way.
Today you adore your brother and wish he'd stay in one place for long enough to play with you.
Today you are still my cuddle baby. Any time of day or night, you're always up for it. (I joke that because of this you're my favorite, but sometimes I'm not joking!)
Today, even though your tone is weak, you are very strong!
Today you still have your rolls, and you giggle when I clean the lint out of them each night.
Today you are a grunter, not a squealer. Always been very manly, since day one.
Today you rarely cry. When you do, I know you mean business.
Today you love your goat. You search him out first thing when put in your crib.
Today you have the BEST old man laugh-grunt in the world.
Today the binky soothes, but also is a toy. You can fit an entire Soothie in your mouth and chew it like gum.
Today you love to be sung to, and it seems your favorite song is In The Leafy Tree Tops.
Today you hate wearing socks.
Today you weigh 23 pounds,have teeny tiny feet, and a large head.
Today you've spent a good part of your life at the doctor's, hospital, or in therapy, but it never seems to get you down. You are a happy go lucky kind of guy.

Happy Birthday Tuck! We love you to pieces!

(This is all I'm able to muster up right now because if I think too much about this, really, I don't know that this will be a good day:)


  1. Oh how I wish I were there to celebrate with you! These 2 handsome boys completely stole my heart when I was there last month. Give them big kisses from their aunt Erin. Happy birthday Finn and Tuck! I love you.

  2. Joyeux anniversaire Finn et Tuck.
    Belle et douce journée.
    Tous nos voeux de bonheur.


  3. Happy birthday sweetest baby boys. What a year it's been for your family! I fall more in love with those boys every time you talk about them. You're such a great mom. Oh, how I wished close by! I miss you and your family! Have a great day celebrating those lovers. Love you lots.

    p.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...is it any wonder why I wish you were close by? Such a good friend. xoxo

  4. This post made me so emotional. i had tears streaming down my face reading about finn's protectiveness of tuck. those pictures too! melt my heart. i look so forward to the day when i get to snuggle my baby. i get emotional just thinking about it. (can you tell i'm pregnant!?) Happy birthday sweet boys! Oh how i wished we lived closer so i could see you on a regular basis. one day you will know your aunt Dru and i better be your favorite :) Love you!

  5. OK, I've collected myself enough to leave a comment...the first read through I couldn't see through the tears! How we love these little boys! Happy Birthday Finn and Tuck, and congrats to ALL of you for making it through this first year...probably both the longest and shortest you've ever experienced!! Huge hugs and kisses from Grandma and Papa!!

  6. what a beautiful post chelsea. your love pours straight from your heart. it's such a joy to read. i love how you describe your boys. what little loves you have. i cannot believe it's been a year! time flies when your husband is med school (stateside now...) and you have had twins!

  7. how are they one?! It's happening way too- fast - as always with your amazing today posts- I can't really see the keyboARD- because it's too touching! Happy birthday CUTE boys-- enjoy the day chels-- I spent way too much of ellie's b day crying!

  8. Happy happy birthday darling boys! Cels what an amazing mommy you are and those boys are so lucky lucky to have you to snuggle them!

  9. 365 days later- they've aged one year, I've aged 10.

  10. what beautiful boys! such a sweet post too. happy birthday to them!


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