A Bobo Inspired Project + Sources

posted on: 5.03.2012

Not quite an official DIY post, because I didn't take step by step pictures. This project is so easy though, it doesn't need any. Get some clothes, some fabric markers (I use these), and get drawing. None of these took me more than 20 minutes which is about my limit when it comes to things like this. If you're familiar with Bobo Choses, you'll recognize these right away. I love the simple concept of their spring/summer line and I want to just lick that popsicle right off Tate's tank!
A Popsicle Tank, for Tate.
Inspiration here
Tank: Old Navy ($5)
Markers: these - just draw and wash to set. So simple, and they do not bleed.
I drew each one free hand, and it was much easier than you'd think. I am no artist. Part of what I love about them is the imperfections. The quirkiness is what sets them apart from something you would just find at Target or Old Navy (which they have plenty of too:).
An old school Truck for Tuck.
 Inspiration here.
Drawn on an old Tea top, passed down from Tate.
Friendly Lion Tee for Finn.
Inspiration here.
Drawn on, carefully but imperfectly on purpose, an American Apparel lap tee purchased second hand for $2.
I think I'll tackle a whale, sail boat, and tee pee next. If you're wanting to give this a try but don't already have a top that would work, I would recommend the American Apparel ones, especially for babies. It has washed up well, and the fit is nice and snug (that's how I like them anyway).

Thank you always for your nice comments, lately on what my kids have been wearing! I got a great tip (thanks Kelli!), and requests from some readers that I list sources (of the kids clothes) at the bottom of each post, and I thought it a great idea! I'll start it right away, and even go back a bit, for those readers who were curious, on this post, and this one, in particular.

ps- Tomorrow the twins turn 1. Whoa. Adios!


  1. love these! seriously you'd never know you made them. they look amazing! Happy Birthday to the twinners!!! I hope their gift comes in time :) If not it'll be there shortly thereafter. Cannot believe they are a year. time flies way too fast!

  2. are you serious?? Those are all adorable! Counting the days...:)

  3. this is genius. i have actually been thinking of doing a P on one of parker's shirts recently -- i couldn't find anything on etsy i liked! or a 1 for his bday - and here comes this post. perfect timing! i love it chelsea!

    (and bobo choses has got nothing on tate's popsicle tee!)

  4. these are ADORABLE! I'm going to try some-- :) thanks for the fun idea!


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