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posted on: 4.25.2012

Meet Miranda. A long time friend of mine, and the fierce jane-of-all-trade's who shares her talents (and adorable family!) on her blog, One Little Minute. You may have seen her crafts featured a couple times on that other tiny blog, Design Mom, too.
She's my go to girl when I need something original made, like the Olivia costume for Tate's 3rd Halloween, and the twins first matching Christmas jammies.
Anyway, today you need to VOTE. FOR. HER.
She's been competing in a gruesome sewing competition, and has been been chosen from over 250 applicants. She's already made the top 10, 8, 6, 4... and today is hoping to take home the Grand Prize, worth over $500!! The challenge for this week was pleats, and I think she did them perfectly. Completely flattering and so chic.
C'mon, that dress is killer! Yes, she made that. It's beyond me how, but she did. 
 I also think she nailed the styling. The tiny pastel belt and leopard shoe are perfect. 
But the best accessory is that Clutch! Of course, she made that to. 
 She puts it best here...
"Because of the fierceness of the competition, I felt like I wanted to make something new and out of my comfort zone, too. So I chose to sew a leather clutch to go with my new dress! I used some super soft calf-skin suede to make this sunburst pleated clutch. I used a great pattern (here), and the bag game together suprisingly nicely, given it was the first handbag I've ever made, and the first time I've ever sewn with leather in my machine. I only broke 4 needles. I lined the bag with a cool vintage floral linen that I found at the Alameda Flea Market years ago, and have been saving for a special project. I also added a funky leather tassel to the brass zipper. The tassel might be my favorite part!
I love how Miranda doesn't forget the details. The floral print inside, the tassle zipper. Even the pockets in the dress are lined in polka dots! The girl knows what she's doing, and she deserves to win.
Agree? Good. Now do some good today, VOTE!


  1. Thank you thank you!! It is pretty killer, right:)

  2. I voted! She is easily going to be the winner right? That dress is amazing!

  3. wow. she is the best. i voted. let us know if she won!

  4. WOW!! That is impressive! I voted...good luck Miranda.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This looks great! Nice work Miranda!

  7. so i voted.

    first, because you asked.
    and second, because hers really was the coolest. not even kidding. she should win by far.


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