Thank you, thank you, for this moment

posted on: 4.26.2012

My boys are getting old. They're just shy of a year. One is crawling, almost walking. One is growing out of clothes faster than I can buy them. Both are pure joy.  I'm holding on tighter this time, knowing they'll most likely be my last. I revel in their milestones, but I know now not to push. I'm okay if one wakes up just as I'm heading up to bed. I'll take the extra snuggles. Time is still moving though, and I wish it would slow down. 
I love this song by Bianca Merkley about time- which has been on repeat for an embarrassing amount of time in my car. Her whole album, in fact, is wonderful! 
"Thank you, thank you for this moment...... this gift, and each new day".
My favorite line from her song.
Imagine if you could approach each day with that kind of clarity? How wonderful!

Finn is wearing: tee: zara, linen trousers:h&m kids
Tuck is wearing: tee; zara, red shorts: h&m kids


  1. sweetest pictures. i think i know which is crawling and which is growing out of his clothes!!!

    being grateful for each moment. that's a life well lived.

  2. Chels...I must have a copy of the second picture...i die! Seriously, please send me a copy so I can frame that one!!! So precious! xoxoxxo

  3. I'm in love with those pictures. They could not be anymore precious. Love this post! I will probably need to read it often after I have my baby. You're such a great mom. and that song, listened to it on repeat for the past hour :) It's soothing and makes me feel happy. great share!

  4. They both look so pale and pasty. I like them anyway.

  5. Really, those faces are so sweet and i think it is just not fair that we cannot cuddle them all the way over here too. Time goes by so fast. Enjoy these moments before they become wild and crazy boys. Oh my!!! I just pray for you that they are not like Camden. Love him, but he keeps giving me small heart attacks.

  6. these pictures (these boys!) look awesome. love this idea. just let it be and like it all.

    really, you need to post sources at the bottom of photos.. like a virtual magazine.

    (and bianca is my ex's best man's/best friend's wife. small world. still need to listen to her songs..)

  7. Your little boys are so cute. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got their clothes? I'm about to have a little boy in aug and would love to have clothing source recommendations!!

  8. I've had the same sentiments with Grayson. Could be my last and I treasure his littleness and notice his growth almost everyday. Thanks for giving me a song to put to the time. XO

  9. Beautiful pics Chels! I miss those boys already. Give them a snuggle from their aunt Erin and tell them no growing til I see them again.

  10. the cutest pictures i've ever seen. don't we all wish we didn't take this time for granted? they grow so fast! love them and thank you for giving me a better perspective for today.

  11. Love the pictures, LOVE those boys and I am SOOO proud of your attitude! You know what is important, and you have chosen to revel in it...Bravo!!

  12. This makes me wish I had boy twins!


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