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posted on: 4.27.2012

I meant to leave you with some great links before I left on my trip, but yeah, that never happened, so here you are. Something to peruse over the weekend... Enjoy yours by the way!

Tydepool. My friend Kelsey introduced me to it this week, and it's absolutely wonderful. A perfect collection of beautiful interesting things I never knew I must have.

Wyatt and I watched Louie for the first time last night, after hearing rave reviews and I laughed out really loud! This standup clip he does about his daughters lunchtime cafeteria scene had me in tears.

I noticed that these flats are pinned three times, by me. Oops, I guess that means I really do want them.

Speaking of Pinterest, I made this Cobb Salad two nights ago (my first time using Kale- gasp!) and we all loved it.

New-to-me blog Odessa May Society is just the sort of place I like to spend a little time each day. It's beautiful, well edited, and so inspiring. My friend led me onto it by congratulating me for being featured there (I didn't even know!). I checked it out, and now I'm hooked.

Thank you all very much for your kind words on the kids bedrooms. It's makes me all giddy/silly/very flattered like each and every time I see them somewhere new (I know I know, get a grip), but still. Bron, one of my favorite bloggers, from Baby Space, also featured their room and titled it: orange you glad to see me. Isn't that cute?!

By the way, Miranda won the Sew-vivor Competition, so thank you if you helped out by voting for her!

We came home from the cruise and the tree in our front yard had bloomed- those most adorable pink flowers pictured above. I love little surprises like that. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey Chelsea!
    Every now and then I like to see what amazing things you're up to. Your kiddos are darling!

    Funny you mentioned Bianca Merkley in your last post. She is one of my good friends in my ward here in New York. She is amazing! Such a wonderful person!

    Hope all is well!

    All the Best,
    Catherine (Jones) Smith


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