Last Weekend, the surprise!

posted on: 4.04.2012

These two popped in last week and surprised me and the kids (Wyatt was in on it) and we were thrilled! In case anyone is wondering for the future, or couldn't tell from this video, I'm totally the surprise loving type. Whoa, it was great! Immediately my to-do list mind went into vacation mode.

The weather was beautiful, and we fit in a walk around Cranbrook's stunning campus, a trip down to Ann Arbor, Booth Park for some turf box sledding, and lots of bike rides around our neighborhood.

Finn is wearing: hoodie: gap kids, blue pans: mini boden
Tuck is wearing: stripe tee: gap kids, green pants: mini boden 

I loved having someone else at the park to take pictures. I think I can count on one hand the number of pictures I have with the twins so far.

Tate is wearing: purple cardi: gap kids, pink tank: crewcuts, stripe shorts: crewcuts, leather boots: siaomimi
If you're ever in Birmingham Michigan, or Bloomfield area, stop by Booth Park. It's a riot. We usually go weekly for this turf sledding hill. Tate can't get enough, and her scabbed knees are proof!

Tate is wearing: cardi:target, eyelet tank:gap kids, blue skinnies: target, floral tennies: target

This was how happy I was! And you betcha I started belting out the popcorn popping on the trees song right after this little move too. At the top of my lungs, just to make Tate laugh. Although, I totally embarrassed her instead. Pretty sure she still thought it was funny though. Even if she didn't I totally did:)
My dad took Tate to get her own bird feeder. It's something my dad has been into since I can remember, and now he's got a little shadow (well two maybe, because I think it's pretty cool!). We all love sitting out on the deck, or in on the dining table and seeing the birds fly in. Dad, we're totally bird feeder people now.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I think about this trip. I loved that my parents came. I love that they surprised me. I love how much they love spending time with my kids, and knowing how to help out, and spending time with us. I loved the lazy mornings we had, and the walks around Birmingham. I loved cooking on Sunday with my mom, like we do at her house. I loved seeing my dad and Tate fill the bird feeder and watch for birds. I loved (after the fact:) that all seven of us squeezed into the Volvo like some sort of clown car. I love that my dad woke up with all the kids one morning and let the girls sleep in. I love that Tate and my mom share a bed when they come and my dad sleeps in Tate's bed (because Tate must sleep with grandma!). I loved that Finn & Tuck, even though they have stranger danger with most others right now, didn't at all with either of them. I love how generous, and thoughtful, and selfless, and fun my parents are! I felt so full with them here.


  1. how fun! and those tree blossoms are divine. I love how you feel about your parents :)

  2. I can vouch for your excitedness (word?) and happiness during their stay. You were in full on heel kick, shout at the top of your lungs, singing in the streets dork mode. It was cute though. And a little embarrassing.

  3. Love everything about this. I could die over the picture of you and the twins in the swing together! Aah. Love them. Love you. Love your parents for surprising you and bringing so much joy and sunshine with them. Miss you. xoxo

  4. This is so great. I love all the pictures and love the heel kick.nyou have such amazing parents. Miss ya and hope to catch up in Utah this summer. Xo

  5. you're going to make me cry!! It was a GREAT trip...and I still watch the video on my phone because it was exactly reaction we were hoping for:) Love you and Wy and of course those kiddos!! See you soon...who knows...surprise, the sequel??? Just kidding! REALLY! Just kidding:)

  6. love that picture of you doing a little heel click! :) so so darling of your parents! looks like it was a great and much needed weekend. parents are the absolute best. excited for you now go on your cruise!!!

  7. oh you're so beautiful - inside and out! your mom is too.. apple doesn't fall far from the tree. what a great gift this was. i loved reading about it and seeing your telling pictures. how sweet is that of the twins in the swing back to back! sigh... such sweetness. i also just read your most recent post and am thrilled for you and wyatt to be going on a cruise vacation to the caribbean! will you make a stop in st. maarten? i would take a trip to marigot for the day just to have pastries at sarafina's. i do hope that will be worth your while if you take my advice. of course, i love the beaches too but, mostly on the french side.


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