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posted on: 4.22.2012

We've been home over a week now, and already I'm pining to go back. It was just the right amount of time away, and we had perfect sunny 80 degree weather. 

Highlights: Five days and four nights with just the two of us. I'm tired, so I'm going sleep. Like, now. I'll wake up when my eyes open, thank you very much. I'm going to read now for about an hour or so. Then I'm going to eat slow, and probably linger at the table after. When I leave the room I'll take my sunnies, that's all I need. Those things are so foreign when you have kids. We delighted in them!
Although, ironically, by the second day we were already debating whether or not we made a mistake in not bringing Tate. We would've loved to see her reaction to it all.
Watching our show on our laptop from the top deck one night, and then watching the huge orange moon over the ocean when the show ended. Private outdoor movie for two under the stars, over the ocean. Yes please.

Not Highlights: there weren't many. In fact, only this. Upon re-boarding in Nassau I realized I didn't have my cruise card (necessary to re-board). The security guard (who has now been black listed) so kindly let me proceed back on, by comparing Wyatt's cruise card info to my passport and asking "Oh, so this must be your son?" He was dead serious. Rolfe, more Retin A, STAT.

Our dinner table: Us, the feisty newlywed Southerners who asked for their steak prepared Rare + (have you ever heard of that? Yeah, I hadn't. Neither had the waiter), and two beautiful swedish students in their early twenties. The guys were no doubt pleased about them, especially when the cuter of the two showed up to dinner one night in her bra. The dinner table conversation brought on a lot of under-the-table nudging between Wyatt and I, and plenty of gut laughs after in our cabin. It was a highlight for sure!

(Funny sidenote- one night when the Southerners ditched on dinner we asked the Swedish models if they could even understand the Mrs. with her heavy deep south accent. They giggled and told us in their strong swedish accent that she sounded like Dori from finding Nemo to them. We got a kick out of the whole thing!)

Our stops: Nassau- Renting a scooter proved to be the perfect way to see the island. We explored it on our own, stopping when and where we wanted, and stumbled upon the most beautiful garden I've ever seen.
Coco Cay- a private island owned by Royal Caribbean, albeit a bit "cruise tacky" was actually a wonderfully relaxing beach day. We fell asleep reading in the sun, and then moved to a hammock in the shade and slept some more:)
Key West- my favorite stop. It was much more charming than I had envisioned and we took it by foot, mapping out and finding the historic homes of Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost, John Audubon, and Harry Truman. Homes are what we like. Some couples play tennis together, we look at homes together. 

Here's the whole shebang in pictures!

Belly Flop Competition. We were there front row, ice creams and cameras in hand. Classic cruise moments we wouldn't miss for anything.

Ernest Hemingway Home

The Audubon House, front porch.

 The oldest home in Key West

Truman's, The Little White House

Since we planned it and were gone within a week, it already kind of seems like a dream. I have to thank the mother of all mothers in law though, and sister in law, Pat and Eve. I don't know many others who, with a week's notice and on their own dime, would rearrange their entire schedule (including a French final!) to fly across the country and watch our 3 kids for us while we left. Not only were our kids doted on, but we came home to a house that was cleaned top to bottom (vacuum lines people!), all clean laundry, freshly washed sheets on the bed, a vase of cheery ranunculus on the counter, blueberry stains miraculously spot cleaned off our kitchen rug. Oh, and how nice of our kids- all three of them decided to get sick for them that very week! I'm sure it was some vacation for them:) But really, we never would have been able to pay a sitter enough to stay for 5 days, so basically because of them, we were able to go. You guys are my favorite!


  1. Really? There you are! Look at this! And it's not a dream. Good on you guys.

    And yes, I'm so in (truly, truly). You be the tour guide. I'll buy the mocktails.

  2. I can't see some of the pics (might be having a browser prob) but the story alone has me soooo happy for you guys (and so funny bout the peeps ate your table etc). yay for a holiday!!!

  3. are really becoming a pretty killer photographer! those pictures are gorgeous! I may have to make that skyline one into a print!

  4. It's pictures like these that make me realize exactly how crooked my smile is. It's straight out of a Pablo Picasso painting in some of them. Either way, very nice weather, very nice views, very good company. No, I'm not talking about the Swedes.

  5. Beautiful photos, looks like a wonderful holiday together.

  6. So glad you guys went. Really that was a very much needed vacation, I am sure. You do have an awesome mother-in-law. Is she available, let's say, next week??

  7. Looks incredible and so happy you got to spend time together.

  8. wow, and the kids got sick! omg... you're hammock shots are my fave. and i love your anecdote of your cruise vacation. how do you like "the happiness project?' i've been meaning to pick that book up.

  9. your hammock shots... eek. i hate typos like that.

  10. I'm so envious. This looks like heaven!! I was having my own dream vacation at your house though. It was so fun to hang out with your kids all week! They are the cutest. And Pat is the best. I can't take credit for anything.

  11. wow wow wow! heaven! love the swedish model in her bra, wy's comment about his crooked smile (ha!), the perfect pictures (when did you get this nice camera?), the rare + which i have learned since being in texas, the land of fatlards, fried food and steak, the old house looking, etc. etc.! to say i'm jealous is an understatement. dreamy dreamy and very well deserved!

  12. As I said on fb-- I'm angry and bitter-- BUT that said, i LOVE the pics-- and the pros-- but the con was my fav-- and chels-- sidenote-- you look amazing!


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