Finn, Tuck & Tate on LMNOP!

posted on: 4.24.2012

Do you subscribe to the awesome kids magazine LMNOP? It's definitely my favorite. My little secret place (well, it's no so secret) to find cool, original kids stuff that I haven't seen anywhere else.
It's an online magazine, but I also love reading their blog each week. 
Today Finn, Tuck & Tate's bedroom's have been featured!
Take a look here, and if you don't already subscribe you'll want to. I promise.

Thanks LMNOP!

If you're here from LMNOP, hello! Here are the cute little faces who snooze in these places...

 Tuck & Finn

The adoring older sister, Tate.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, look at you getting all the blog love!! Congratulations's well deserved!Love you! Mom

  2. your home is so lovely chelsea. i hope you get to stay there if that's what you want! i'm already dreading the next move. boy, those little boys are cuties! and is that the famous band shirt i spy on tate? : )

  3. Where is that bumper from? looks lush

  4. of COURSE they were featured-- they are adorable-- not as cute as those darlings though.

  5. You're so cool..Seriously. I'd love a dose of Chelsea in my little apartment!

    We have the anthro rhino, too. Milo named him Dinosaur, so he's Dino the Rhino:)

  6. Chelsea, it's gorgeous! impeccable taste mama :)

  7. Just found your blog (where have I been??) via Joy and Revelry and I am in love with your kids room. And I just had my third, a girl, in November and was this close to naming her Tate. We went with Harper but I still love Tate.


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