This is what one wears to see the Fresh Beats

posted on: 3.14.2012

On Saturday Tate finally had her date with Wyatt to see the one, the only Fresh Beat Band! To say Tate loves the "fresh beats" would be a huge understatement. It's basically all she cares about. On tv, at least.
What she was going to wear was a big to do. I helped her lay out a few outfits that we thought might be awesome enough, and I asked which one she liked best. "I don't know, I need to try them on first to get a feel for them", was her reply. This outfit scored a dramatic hand wave motion and PERFECT (!) from her as soon as she slipped on the cobalt jeans.
Top: Mini Boden// Cobalt Skinnies: Target// Shoes: Bensimons

Their golden tickets. 
Almost there...

getting her groove on (barely:)

They arrived home after 10, and she busted in the door sooooo excited to show me her first concert t-shirt!! Which, she hasn't taken off for 3 days. A good dad, I told Wyatt. Such a good dad.

And for the past three days all I've heard are words like "awesome!, best night of my life!, so cool!, and on, and on, and on about the Fresh Beats.
It's going to take years to top this I'm afraid.


  1. That shirt IS just like Evie's. Twiners! Now I know is rock concert perfect for when we take her to her first concert :) Awesome Tate!

  2. that's the cutest thing i've ever seen! such great parents! she looks so old. it's killing me. loved the video of her jamming out. what a little rockstar she's become!

  3. I'm sure half the excitement was getting 'a date' with her dad. Although those fresh beats are pretty cool. So glad she found the right outfit! :)

  4. I mean, meeting Ben and going to Fresh Beat Band? Tate, you seriously have my dream life. Your hair is also looking SO long by the way. Perfect with your super cool outfit. I don't know if the concert would be as fun as us jamming out to "I had a great day, it was a super waaayy, to spend some time toggggettttther" in pat and rolfe's living room, but maybe I only think that because I'm super jealous I didn't get to go with you and Wy. Wish I could have been there!

  5. oh my gosh why am i having visions of tate as a teenager?? she is looking SO OLD! i've only had the privilege of watching fresh beat band with tate a couple of times, but i am such a fan as well. those tunes are catchy! admit that wy bought a tee too? you guys do some cool things and wear some cool outfits! such a fun date.

  6. just noticed that dru thinks she looks old too. see it's the truth. she gets prettier too. bi. haha jk jk.

  7. k i swear this is my last thought, that coat!!! are you for real?!?! and don't even get me started with bensimons for babes... ahhh killin me. too bad the sartorialist didn't go to fresh beat band.

  8. Holy Cow. Smiling from Ear to Ear right now. That girl definitely has you passion for life :)

  9. this is the cutest tate post! she looks unbelievably grown up too... all of a sudden! doesn't surprise me though because ez has taken on this same grown up kid look lately too and they're a month or so apart in age. loved this little story... you are very good parents indeed!

  10. Gosh I miss her! I concur w/ everyone else... she is looking SO grown... so bittersweet. And talk about FRESH... she is looking FRESH to DEF!! :) (it's slang Chels. I don't want to confuse you since you don't even know Lady A. lol)

    Roe loves them too b/c they come on before Dora. How fun for her to go to her 1st concert w/ Daddy... such a rad dad you are Wyatt!


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