Spring and Green

posted on: 3.20.2012

The sun was out this weekend this weekend in Michigan! We enjoyed it to it's fullest, spending almost all our time outside, seeing green, wearing green, and of course eating green.
For St. Patty's Day we took the kids down to Ann Arbor for a day of exploring. We love the local children's store there, Elephant Ears, and wanted to finally try the much hyped Zingerman's Deli (rated an 11 on a scale of 1-5 by Oprah!)
Ann Arbor is such a fun little town, if you come to Michigan you must make sure to stop by.

It was basically our family, the street leprachauns, and hoards of U of M drunks. So naturally, we fit right in.
He's got four more on top!
On our way home we walked past this perfectly branded (and smelling) Frita Batidos, and the Mitchell Gold store. Oh good, I told Wyatt. We'll just have to come back really soon to check these other places out. I actually love when that happens.
This weekend energized me. The sun energized me. It got me out, it got me smiling, it got me active. I feel like a bear who's been hibernating. I hope now that it's officially Spring it decides to stay out for good, so that I can stay out for good.

ps- the reason darling sweet Tuck is hardly in any of these pictures is because he is darling sweet Tuck, and he takes his naps in the stroller and chills and doesn't fight tooth and nail to be entertained. So, he was asleep for the majority of this. That's why. Just in case you were wondering if Finn & Tate were my favorite or something. Because they're aren't. No no no. Tuck is, totally.


  1. your children are too sweet! looks like you had a lovely day out and I love that pavement art :)

  2. You got a new camera, didn't you? These pictures are so lovely. Your family is so beautiful and Ann Arbor looks so charming. Wish we could have joined you and the drunks on your exploration. Miss you guys. Eliza still regularly asks why the girl Tate had to move far away. xoxo

  3. So fun!! You all look so festive for St. Pattys day. You can tell I haven't checked blogs FOREVER, I just want to comment on everything. But this looks like a lovely day. Also, had the basil ice cream the other day and thought of you. It really is the best treat in the world. Love you guys!


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