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posted on: 3.07.2012

Thanks so much for all your encouraging and complimentary words about the home tour on Stephmodo's blog. It was thrilling, and humbling, to be a part of. Your kind comments, as always very much made my day! As promised, here are some other pictures that you didn't get to see of the house. 

I love the high beams and drafty feel of our kitchen.  I can't wait until it warms up just a bit and I'll leave the windows open. Does anyone know where I can find a good deal on a Tolix stool, or even a knock off? By good deal I mean, dirt cheap. I'd like to plop one under the end of that island. I know that this kitchen is by no means amazing. Those are country cabinets, and laminate counters (yes), but it's white, and bright, and functional, and makes me really happy. That's really what makes it shine, right? Ideally, if we ever bought this house, I'd plop a black industrial pendant over that island and kitchen sink, switch out the hardware for something more linear, and get stainless steel appliances.

This room we spend so much time in. Obviously it's where we eat, dance, craft, occasionally blog, and has a great view of the backyard. Would you believe it if I told you the most expensive thing in here are the set of bowls in the center of the table? It's true. They were a splurge from a favorite shop of mine in Utah, Alice Lane. Table, chairs, and rug are all from Ikea. Mirror is from Homegoods, and when I saw it I knew I couldn't leave without it. I love the white on white. The bird prints were a steal hand-me-down from my sister in law for $15, and are from Pottery Barn. The armoire, funny enough, was in Tate's nursery when she was a baby, and is actually a wardrobe. It's stocked with dishes, and also Tate's craft supplies in the bottom. I assume it will just keep moving around in each house. At some point I plan to re-stain it. 

Around the corner from this fancy cow, is this little vignette (which I'm still trying out). The top is an etching from Italy, given to us from Wyatt's parents. The bottom is a watercolor, also from Italy, given to us from my parents. I think I'm liking the bright colors of the middle mixed in with the subtle tones of the other two, but the verdict is still out. The middle canvas is a giclee of the original, which Wyatt's recently late grandmother painted, so it has a very sweet sentiment to us. I love having art like this around the house. I dream of having a room full of books, with walls layered in art.

Something about chairs and decorating. And books. And dishes, if we're including kitchenware. But we're not. I do love a neat chair though. If ever I wonder what to do with a certain corner or nook it seems a little chair is always perfect. I like having all different styles of them too. We've had this now since we've been married, so 8 years. It was one of the first pieces I bought with "our" money, and it's from a thrift store. I spent $30 on it. I love it to pieces. It sits right in our entry, and is perfect for taking shoes off on, draping jackets over, or sitting pretty.

I think this room especially is proof that your whole house doesn't need to be purchased all at once. It can still have a cohesive feel, and a good flow, and develop organically over time. The things I have in here are all from such different times in my life, all different "design periods". I still loosely follow trends, of course. But I try to stick with classics, and really I just buy something if it strikes a chord or has special meaning to me. If I really love something it'll work in my home because that is what my home is for. For things I love.
ps- that green couch, with my feel up on that gray coffee table is where I hit publish each time I post, and it's such a great little spot. It's got a killer view straight into the backyard, which is a gentle hill and nothing but trees and squirrels and deer.

I told Wyatt, I don't know that I ever want to live close to my neighbors again. I thought I didn't mind it, because we always had in past (usually we could see into our neighbors house), but this is so peaceful and private. I feel so spoiled now with all the open space.

I'll be sharing, one last time, a little more of the kids rooms too in a couple days. If you want to know sources of things, or ask any questions about the house itself, or how I arranged something, please ask it in the comments, and I'll make sure to answer in the comments also. That way everyone can read the comments to learn more about where they might be able to find something.



  1. Saw your house in Stephmodo...I LOVE it! You have such great talent. I love your style, it is airy, cheery and perfect. PS I love the beams in the kitchen too!

  2. um hi, sercret admirer here, none other than eliza jane, brooke's friend! i love your blog! and i will now be day dreaming of your house! you have made it so stinkin' cute! oh and i can't say enough about your two twinnies! so so cute!

  3. So many lovely images of your was impossible to choose.

    Thank you for the continued inspiration!!

  4. I love the little reading corner you have in Tate's room. Did you make the teepee or did you purchase it somewhere?

  5. Gorgeous. And Homegoods is my heaven! I got our mantle mirror there too, for a steal. Love that they're so unique.

  6. Ashley- thanks. I got her teepee from Amazon. It's the Dexton Great Plains 6ft. teepee. It's on sale right now for $99! We love it.

  7. Incredible! You have such an eye for beauty. You've inspired me to hang out a little bit more at ikea and on craigslist.

    Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. I've followed your blog for a little while now and haven't commented, but just had to un-stalk myself after seeing these pictures.

  8. I love your style Chels. I love that your house looks like your own and not something ordered out of a magazine.

  9. Love your home! I am obsessed with your little girls room! Would you share where you got the prints that make up the collage in her room? Also, did you make the flower garland hanging above her bed or did you buy it? Can't wait to see more detailed photos of the kids rooms. Thanks!

  10. Sharee- thank you for stopping by and saying hello! And, airy and cheery is such a lovely description for how I would want my home to feel, so thank you!

    Eliza Jane! Why have you not said hi sooner? Please do more. Thank you for your compliments too, you're so sweet! Don't be shy to say hello! I stopped over at your blog and you crack me up:)

    Melanie- thank you, I'm glad I have inspired you, even if just a little. I know it's hard to comment on every blog you read, but it's so nice to "meet" readers. Please say hello more, if you feel you want to! I love when people do.

    Cassi & Elizabeth- thank you!!! muah!

    Megan and Melissa- I'm going to delve into the kids rooms tomorrow, because I know a lot of people would like to know sources and more information on those. So, if you can wait until then I'd rather have the sources with those pictures:) I'll definitely give sources for the art on her gallery wall. Thank you so much for the compliments!!

  11. I found your blog from reading Stephmodo's house tour. And I have to say I love your house. It's so nice but still feels like a home.

  12. Kelly and Kelly- that's the perfect compliment! I never want my house to feel too nice, or too perfect. I want it to be pretty, and neat, and styled well, and really cozy and worn in too.

  13. My sis rocks, that's it! Chels, where did you get that blue rug in the kitchen, love!

  14. Heather- the rug I bought at Target about a year ago. BUT, Urban Outfitters now has the exact same one! I'm thinking of getting a replacement because I love the color and pattern so much & mine is getting a little hammered.

  15. my turn: mirror over your mantle? LOVE IT!

    hope all is well.

    fyi: your post about the bachelor made me laugh out loud. i don't watch it (don't judge me) but that doesn't mean i can't appreciate the influence of a little star power. hilarious.

    happy monday!


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