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posted on: 3.08.2012

I loved a comment on Stephmodo's tour where a reader generously said I had nailed it with these rooms (I'm really milking this home tour, aren't I :). Little does she know how very much that means. I pour my heart, really, into their rooms. Slowly collecting things that remind me of them, that I want them to see when they wake up, that I think will evoke a sense of magic or enchantment for them. I try to, especially for Tate, since I'm still getting to know the boys, really put her own personality in the room. I want their bedrooms to be always comforting to them, just like mine was growing up.
 (the pom pom garland is made from yarn. Me and my sister made it, for those of you who asked)
tutorial here.

In the top picture you may have noticed the ever so popular Ikea Rast side table. My sweet parents painted it white for me (since I was on bed rest at the time), and I ordered the brass ring pulls from here, via Armelle's tip. All in all, I think it was about a $40 project, although it did take some time to paint. It's the perfect size for a kids nightstand I think. 
Funny story about the wooden family on the right. It was a gift from my sister in law and is our family (pre twins, obviously). Even though the gift was for me, Tate loved them so much, so we decided to display them in her room. Come to find out, months later, that all along she thought they were figurines of her, Wyatt and grandma. Mom who? She still thinks it's grandma.

The felt on linen art "Isn't she Lovely Isn't she Wonderful" was made by my little sister for Tate.
She is so generous with her talents, and we're so lucky to be recipients.
I pinned some similar ones here.
I've had some requests for sources on Tate's art gallery, so here it goes:
wool animal bust- Paisley & Pomegranate in Salt Lake City
yellow print with faces- here, the phrase is so good.
alphabet canvas- again, made by my talented sister 
gold framed painting- this artist
fabric t- here
silhouette- made by my sister
houses- here, because she's already lived in so many in her short life.
(you might also notice the same house print, in another color way, above the boys dresser too!)

One of Stephanie's readers asked if I had blinds in the twins room, and the answer is no. First, because we can't afford them right now, and second because I just love how bright and open it feels. I'm not convinced that kids have to sleep in dark places. So far it hasn't bothered them one bit. I guess if it becomes a problem we'll think of a solution.
I do have one single drape on the corner window, but it's always open, and mainly just for decoration. It's white too (surprise!), so doesn't block out the light anyhow. 

A closeup on their mascot, as Stephanie so perfectly put it! Would you know that I actually do hold the boys up each morning to pet him? I do, I do, and they love it.
We should name him. Suggestions? He's from here.

The Around the World Crane mobile, I adore. It's a great price too!

I knew, whether boy or girl, they were getting these adorable blocks. My mom had the idea of putting them in the windowsill, I must give the credit to her, because their couldn't be a better home for them. 

Windowsills in this house have about a million uses for us. Books, blocks, flowers.
If you're wanting that picture-ledge library look but can't hang shelves (or haven't yet, in our case) I think windowsills are a great option. 

 It's been so fun to show you my home, I hope you've enjoyed seeing more pictures & getting sources!
Please do say hello, and if you want to know where anything else is from or have other questions, just let me know in the comments, and like yesterday, I'll answer in the comments.



    I meant to comment on Monday but got distracted. . .so beautiful Chels!! Love the details of your beautiful rooms. Gorge.

  2. Somehow I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and love reading it. Your house is beautiful and I love all your decorating. Randomly I think you used to live by my old roommate Stacy Moss?? She lived on Dearborn. Small world :)

  3. Your house is absolutely perfect! I love how clean and crisp it feels. If only I had that talent:) I truly enjoy reading your blog. Darling family and style!

  4. Truly your house is a dream. I wish you were and interior decorator I could pay to help me with my house. You have a gift.

  5. I love your rooms! Absolutely gorgeous! :)


  6. i didn't know how to tell you but those figurines are actually of wy, tate and your mom. shoot. sorry :) That made me laugh out loud! obsessed with everything. one day i'm hiring you to decorate my house. one day. love you!

  7. You are so gifted. Love all the bright white. It's clean and refreshing. Wish you were here to make my home beautiful. P.s. I am dying over that Craigslist chair in Tate's room. Amazing!

  8. If I asked where you got that stinkin cute mustache pillow from - would you tell?

    Also - The room is just beautiful! What lucky angels!

  9. MinaGutz- of course! It's from Bla Bla, isn't it a hoot? We love it!

  10. the kids rooms are so great. love this, thanks for the details!

  11. Okay, you can tell that I haven't checked blogs in forever! Your house looks AMAZING!!!! I'm so happy I've been there so I feel like I can picture all of the amazing details. You really have a gift. Please come help me decorate my house.

  12. Your home is a lovely happy place. I so enjoyed a peek inside :)

  13. You have done a fantastic job on the whole house. I love it all! It shows your family just the way you are!

  14. freaking dope and makes me want to kill myself.



  15. I *love* your home, thanks for sharing. I love how well you use the natural light in your home. Beautiful. Also, where are your crib bumpers from? They are perfectly plush and look like they don't fall down. Thanks in advance!

  16. This room is amazing. I love the antler coat rack in the first picture. Where is it from?

    1. Thanks lyn! The antler coat rack I got online by a company called wolfum. Really great stuff!


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