posted on: 3.26.2012

Ahh, what a weekend! Look back one post to find out why. We're doing a bit of recovering in our home. Tate from a broken heart. She's already circled on the calendar when they're coming next. Wyatt from lack of studying, in a much needed way. Me from party life mode to real life mode (always takes me a couple days to get back into the groove). Finn & Tuck from lack of sleep. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Really, we're still adjusting to living away from them. It's so bittersweet. I noticed how full I felt all weekend. Family is so good for that.
Pictures from our fun & warm weekend to come, and Happy Birthday to my sweetest Dad!!!


  1. isn't getting back to real life after a trip/visit the pits?!? i'm with tate, i have to have my next one planned in order to pull me out of a dark depression. glad your weekend was fun - i thought about you and your parents hanging out in that gorgeous state all weekend!

    ps i think pat and i are officially going to try and come in may?? i'm hoping to leave wells home so i can take care of the boys! can't wait.


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