Happy this Week

posted on: 3.02.2012

It was nice for me to capture some of the little, not so significant, but still very happy things around our house this week. It made me look at my day differently. 
Like tulips on my kitchen counter. Fresh flowers are never a waste of money, I think. They always make me happy.

Daily love notes from Tate, taped to our bedroom door. Awe.
Finns warm, flushed cheeks + a closeup on those lashes that I can't get enough of.

Race cars lined up on my end table for the afternoon.

Cozied up for bedtime stories

Catching Tuck during his nap with his goat (his bff toy) stuffed into the side rail and flopping over. No doubt placed there by Tate, probably to keep him company. You know, case he should wake early and get bored. That's so Tate, and I love it.

Green smoothie mustache's and a special date night between these two.

Neatly arranged fire wood.

Tuck chewing on his binky and staring out the window

Calmly enjoying his thumb

Nap time sometimes means exploring your room time, too.

A full belly, and a face covered in carrots.

All three smiling at once.

Tomorrow, another great day is expected. I'm meeting Bachelor Ben! Yep. Pretty darn excited. I'll report on how tall, handsome, and polite he is in real life next week.
(and of course, how he handles me, my two friends, and our 9 kids between us all!)

I hope you had a happy week!


  1. Wait. What?!! You're meeting Bachelor Ben? Please, please give me some back story on this. Not that I think Ben is that great, but I am a devotee of the show.

    And your kids are so stinkin' cute. I love these photos. I really need to get a better camera to document those Farmer boys.

  2. That's why you are such a good mom and wife...you recognize and record the sweet little moments that make it all worthwhile! LOVE these!

  3. Gosh! Make me miss you all a little more! Rude. ;) You all look great.... well your 4. We need more pics of your pretty little face too!

    Ben. Tomorrow. Say whaaat?! He seems like such an ass to me so please tell me he is not. I have Bach Monday's w/ friends so any dirt on him would be great. ha Have fun!

    Debi, Debi, Debi!!! You are one of a kind! I see where you get your creative side now Chels. Oh and Debi, can't you take me in as your daughter?! :)

    Lastly. So funny you say that about Roe. You and my sis are the only 2 that think she looks like her daddy. I see it sometimes, but I do think she's my mini but maybe I'm just making it up so I can say 1 looks like me. haha

    I love you and miss you oh so much!!

  4. Youre happiness is contagious. Seeing those we love happy makes us happy! And youre so right. Its those little things that are so eay to overlook. Dad

  5. you are right...fresh flowers are NEVER a waste of money. I purchase them weekly, especially in the winter when it is gray and gloomy outdoors. They make me very happy :)

  6. Love that last picture!! They are so cute!
    miss you...

  7. woah woah woah... meeting ben?! how is this happening?!?

    also, these pictures are totally great. love them. you have one sweet family there.


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