Ben, rain or shine

posted on: 3.12.2012

Like I said last week, I had the chance to meet Bachelor Ben last week with a couple friends.
As luck would have it, he happened to be promoting his wine at my local grocery store, just around the corner from my house. I could have invited him over for supper people.

I was giddy the night before. Almost better than Christmas morning. Not him in particular, but just any Bachelor. And, not like I'm in the market or anything, just that I've been watching the show since season one. I'm a fan.

Let me just paint the picture for you...
The day started as usual, although I did get in a shower and blowdry, which isn't usual. I picked out a cute, but not "I'm trying to look hot for the bachelor" outfit, and loaded the twins into the car. My other two friends had kindly already been saving me a spot in line, with Tate, and had my ticket. Right before I left it started to drizzle out. Great. This wouldn't be a concern if I were a single person caravan, but since I travel in a large pack now and it takes me at least 45 minutes to get all kids out of the car and into their strollers, I was sure to greet Ben looking like a wet dog. I thought about turning around and bagging the whole idea, but then I thought about the lifetime full of regret I would surely have. Lifetime. I must press on, I told myself.
Wyatt called with good news. He was close, and offered to meet me to pick the twins up so I wouldn't have to take them in with me. Perfect! The stars were aligning. Right after I hung up the phone with him my friend called. They were almost to the front of the line, and if I didn't come now I would miss it. Aaaahhhhhh. I was in the parking lot by now and found a spot.... the furthest one away. Of course. The drizzle had now turned to a down pour. 
I knew I would have to make a run for it, with the twins in tow. They would get soaked. I can't worry about them now. My only focus was the bachelor. I would get soaked. Bachelor! So I did what any sane mother of 3 would do and threw those babies into their stroller, and did that awkward run you do when you need to get somewhere faster than a walk, but you don't want to bust out into a full on sprint. Yeah, I did that one, in the pouring rain, with the twins, to see Ben, at a grocery store.
When I got inside, it was all worth it. My friend told me he was "even hotter in person", so I was all, sweeeet!!
I met them in line. His people asked me if I'd like to buy some of his wine for him to sign (that was the whole reason he was there). I told them no, that I just wanted to look at him. So that's what I did. As my turn in line came, I walked through, with my three kids and just looked at him. I couldn't muster a single sentence to the man. Tate saved the awkward moment by waving shyly to him (what a flirt!) and he told me I had cute kids. This is how I responded, "tee he hehe thanks". Oh boy. Then he congratulated me on the twins, and again, "tee he hehe thanks" came out. Wow. I'm sure if it wasn't my three kids or my wet hair and face, than surely my charming personality won him over.

At the end of the line I saw that Wyatt had made it to the store, and was watching the whole thing unfold and laughing. He said I just "melted" when he spoke to me. Such an embarrassment. 

So from what I didn't say to Ben, here's what I gathered.
1. He is actually more handsome in person. I actually don't prefer him much, but his skin and hair was better in person.
2. He wasn't all too engaging, but nice.
3. He was well dressed, not too dressy, not too casual
4. He seemed a little nervous, which was endearing (or he might have been a bit frightened by our crew of kids, or my extreme awkwardness.) I'm going with nerves.
5. I just know he's going to pick Courtney tonight & I felt bad for him already at the grocery store for that choice.
5. That's all.


  1. This story is amazing!! I love it and am totally cracking up! I so would have been there, 3 kids and all.!

  2. So funny. He is def not my favorite bachelor but I feel like I would act all silly if I met him too ;)

    Loving your blog! I am your newest follower!

  3. This whole post makes me laugh out loud. The kids in the rain, Wyatt standing by watching, your responses, too funny Chelsea!

  4. i am rolling reading this! love that you went to extremes just to lay eyes on him....and giggle. i would have done the same! wish we could have all been there with you! tyler still feels cool that he met jason, the bachelor. this really ups your status.

  5. This story is priceless....the pouring rain, the awkward "not quite a run", the even more awkward responses to Ben...I love it all!! Thanks for acting just like most of us would..and then posting about it!!

  6. ha ha- you made me laugh out loud. What a cute post! and you have an adorable blog! xo

  7. Making that phone call was a choice experience. Nothing quite like saying, "Hey, I heard you have a date tonight, do you need me to watch the kids?"

  8. So funny Chels. I totally would have done the same.

  9. Oh my gosh Wy (caribute), best comment of yours EVER. You're so right... what a good guy you are for letting me be a swinger for the day!

  10. You didn't even buy his wine. Hilarious!

  11. Awesome. Such a good story. Great blog!

  12. i read this post out loud to my mother. we laughed :)

  13. Hahahaha, I just laughed out loud during your beautifully, hilarious post! Your awesome, and in 5-10 years when I have kids I hope to be a lot like you. I love your blog though I am husbandless and childless, I do love to cook and get inspiration from all your fabulous posts. My favorite is the videos of Tate dancing, My boyfriend of 5 years found it equally amusing and have decided one day I hope to have a girl like her, she is to fun!!

  14. This is so funny! I too share your "commitment and love' for the Bachelor and I think I would've taken all measures to be able to see him at the grocery store too. How funny that he promotes his wine like that. Hey, at least he's getting something positive out of the experience right?!
    ha ha. I loved your post.

  15. Okay, now that is just too fun that you got to meet Ben the Bachelor! I love your photo of all the girls with him, too cute!!!


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