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posted on: 2.28.2012

I don't just pin them you know. I do also email them to my mom, who then makes them, and gifts them ever so generously to my children.

This pin, is now this...

Yes, my adorable mom made this table cloth fort for Tate. It's all in the details too with a working mailbox, address, doorbell, window shutters, and giant tree. She's something!

Also, this post seemed to cause quite a buzz, huh? I liked that. Thanks for offering advice, tips, or just opening up about your spending if you did. It seems I'm on the same page as most. I do ninety percent of the shopping at Trader Joes. That, and weekly meal planning is the only way I can feed our family healthily and affordably. Lately my Pinterest board is my go-to for our weekly menu. 
These in particular have been my family's favorite.

1. Tomato Basil + Parmesan Soup - I halved the 1/2 & 1/2 on this and substituted milk and it was still very rich. This was delicious!
2. Black Bean, Avocado, Lime Quinoa Salad- trying to fool February into thinking it's July.

3. Waldorf Chicken Salad- hearty enough for a dinner salad and Tate even loved it.

4. Sweet Potato Fries w/ Sesame Soy Dip- a love a good sweet potato fry, and the sauce was an interesting, and good change.

5. Sea Salt Brownies- these are divine.


  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite Pinterest recipes. Can't wait to try the soup!

  2. your mom is amazing. now i know where you get a lot of your amazingness.

  3. Love new recipes! I will be happy to try these!

  4. Thanks!! for the shout out AND new recipes that have already been tested!! Love you!

  5. your mom is the best! the cutest playhouse i've ever seen. we would have been obsessed with that as kids. those recipes....i'm hungry!

  6. I am completely serious when I say that I think pintrest is so good for the crafty/artistic side. Only if I could sew. That table cloth is awesome.

  7. Chelsea,
    that is such a cute idea! I'm for sure going to have my mom make me one for my Elliot! Also I'm dying to know- where did you get that rug? I love it! let me know if you get a chance :)

    - chelsey

  8. Chels- that tablecloth is seriously so freaking cute! what a great idea and a darling mom :). I love your rug under the table. do you mind me asking where you got it?
    hope all is well!
    Katie Wood

  9. wow! such an awesome 'table cloth'!!

    Also love when you feature meals you and your family enjoyed! I have tried one of them you loved in the past and now I've passed that on to most of my coworkers.... I might have to try a couple of these up here myself!

  10. Glad you like my brownies!

  11. have some DIY instructions on tablecloth house?


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