nine months

posted on: 2.06.2012

These little lads turned nine months this weekend.
We celebrated by going to Ikea. Okay, not really. But we did go to Ikea, enjoyed some of their chocolate cake, and then realized they were 9 months on the drive home.

I would say "the clouds have parted" now. A woman at Babies r us's words, not mine. When pregnant, I ran into her on the bottle isle, she found out I was expecting twins, and gave me some sound advice, since hers were now two. She told me one day the clouds would part, and things would feel sunny again.
I kind of laughed, thinking she must be manic depressive or something. But now I see why she felt that. I didn't know I had clouds, until they started to lift. I think around month six they started clearing, and it's just getting sunnier.

  I know these little guys more. I know twins more. I enjoy them more because the chaos is slowly seeming more manageable.
That, or I'm just immune to it. Maybe if you came over to my house, you'd have a different impression?

Back to the boys though, and those funny and oh so sweet personalities. At nine months I'm loving most...

Finn's muscle grunts, his inability to sit still (drives Wyatt crazy), his crazy cute flirty eyes, his shy hands up to his face, his teeny tiny bum, his hand twirling, his two bottom teeth, those lashes.

At nine months I'm loving most...
Tuck's open mouth kisses, his deep gut laugh, his raspberries, his chubby delicious cheeks, his quirky side stares, his giant open mouth there-all-the-time smile, his hand stares, how fast he can chug a bottle.

Good job for being so cool at nine months boys.


  1. Must get my hands on those boys!! I need some serious grandma, cheek scrunching, feet tickling, big sloppy kisses kind of time!! Mom's right ...nine wear it well!!

  2. really sweet chels. i'm glad things are getting easier. they're soooo cute and worth it!

  3. Chels, they are adorable!! I love 9 months it is such a fun age. So glad that things are getting easier for you...we sure miss you:)

  4. happy nine months boys! they are the cutest!


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