The Mustache Man

posted on: 2.27.2012

I love going in to get the boys from their nap lately. They no longer wake crying (usually), but babbling instead. This particular day I heard Finn screaming out of excitement which he does often and I thought Tuck might still be sleeping so I hurried in to pull Finn out before he woke Tuck up.

I found this.

That clever Tuck. He found good use of his mustache pillow, and no joke, with a good grip on it, had pulled it tightly over his face. He had surely had enough of Finn's antics, and just wanted some peace and quiet.
It was one of those moments that was too perfect not to run and grab the camera.

It was even better when he realized it might be me (by the sound of my laughs and camera clicking) and peered out from behind the mustache man. 

So we did peekaboo for a bit...

And then he wanted back under the mustache man again, for a good sleep.

My favorite get-you-up-out-of-your-nap-and-find-you-doing-something-funny story yet.


  1. i love this! so funny. so cute!

  2. the most priceless pictures! ah, that face! i'm dying. i want this pillow and this boy as my own :)


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