a love story, about dentist

posted on: 2.01.2012

I wouldn't be going out on a limb to say this is Tate's first real crush. Dennis, the repair guy. Although if you ask Tate, his name is Dentist.
He came by to fix some water damage in her closet. I let her peek in there to see what he was doing, and not 2 minutes later I was listening to this...

"I just had a birthday a couple days ago. I bet you thought I was like 7 or something right? Because you probably saw my artwork hanging up that looks like someone old did it. Did you see those icicles I painted?"

"My daddy's a doctor, and I go to preschool, so we're really smart".

"We have two babies. It's really hard, like, all my mom does is feed crying babies. Do you have babies?"

"My mom was sooo mad at you this afternoon when you locked us out... but it's okay. She was just like, ahhhh! this is so annoying! It's okay though"

"Did you see my t-ball hat? You have to be reeeeallly old to get a t-ball hat. But my mom's trying to get me in dance, because i'm a really good dancer. I play the drums too".

"Did you see that little stain on my rug?" Yeah, I threw up on that when my aunt and grandma were here. Soooo... you better not step 
on that!"

I let her chat his ear off for a little bit, then I went upstairs to tell her it was time to leave Dentist alone. She was just laying on her bed, kicking back, watching him paint. He told me she was not bothering him at all, and that she's more than welcome to stay up there and keep him company. Her eyes lit up!

No joke, she sat up there with Dentist for two more hours as they discussed his son's Hockey team and everything Tate can even remember about our whole life.
He would need to come down to get more tools from his truck, and she followed. He needed to check on something in the basement, she followed. All the while " Dentist that, and Dentist this".
Dentist has been working on the house for the past two days, and by the end of the last day Tate had officially become his second hand. "Tate, could you hand me that red screwdriver", I heard him say. "Okay Tate, we've got to go down stairs now and get something else from my toolbox". "I need my helper to hold this for me for a second". "When I turn this water on, if you see a leak, yell out to me that it's leaking, okay?"
Dentist absolutely made her day. When he left she asked when he'd be back again, and since he's the regular repair man on this house, he reassured her it wouldn't be too long. They have plans to stain the back deck together come spring. He left his business card with her.
It's now taped up to the mirror in her bedroom.

Later, I asked Tate if she really likes Dentist. She said no. 
"I love Dentist".

"but don't tell him that!"


  1. This is funny, and a little weird. Borderline creepy. But mostly funny. I'm becoming obsolete.

  2. Tate is the cutest, funniest little girl eva! Don't you just want to bottle her up and keep her like this for a really long time?!? She makes me look forward to Evie getting older. This is too hilarious.

  3. OK, Dad is kind of jealous! I can already see him conjuring up "Projects" to work on when we come out:) But don't you kind of hope Dennis is back soon, just so you can overhear some more conversations! SOOO stinkin' cute...Tate, not Dennis:)

  4. I laughed aloud at all her little pick-up lines. You gotta love a girl who will brag about her intelligence! (Love your blog, BTW.)

  5. Too cute!!! This cracked me up! And I LOVED that you took a picture of them together. That will make for wonderful memories and funny stories in the future! ;)

  6. she has a little boyfriend! i love it! what a cute man, that dentist is. sounds like she picked a winner.

  7. Oh my I am laughing right now. She is so cute. I love how she sold you out to Dentist about being mad. She seriously is the best!

  8. hahaha!!! so funny. my mom was so mad at you today. that's the best.

  9. That is the cutest things ever!!! So sweet!

  10. hahaha thanks for making me laugh after a long day! she is the funniest gal i know. he is a lucky dentist! ps - that is how eve was with the man who remodeled our old house, dave rigby. i think she ate lunch with him everyday. she still talks about him and we still make fun of her. her and tate will have fun swapping stories about their workman boyfriends.

  11. that is insane! (in a good way.) I can totally hear her in my head chatting to dentist. awesome moment capture :)

  12. i honestly love Dentist. i think that's the sweetest thing that he made her his little sidekick. what a sweet memory that will be for her! so funny. i just miss that little girl. love that she can talk to strangers to naturally!

  13. this is so so so so cute. her quotes to him. made my day.

    yeah i threw up. don't step on that.

  14. Too funny! I loved the part about her telling him everything she could remember about your whole life. My kids do that too. I think once you become a mom, you're just not allowed to get embarassed anymore.


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