Homemade Valentine

posted on: 2.14.2012

Do your kids pass out homemade Valentine's? I think they're so fun! If I could get away with passing them out to my own friends, I would. I love them that much. I hope Tate and the boys always want to make them. Something tells me the days will be short though. This year ours came together quite on a whim, and I'm proud to say at a total cost of $1. We bought the whistle's, and had everything else at home. The idea started out as just the saying, and the whistle. Then adding the faces came to us. Tate had a blast glueing the faces on, and thought the googly eyes were so funny! What is it about googley eyes?

 Carefully deciding which Valentine should get which Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. i wanna know if she made one for the handyman.

  2. Those are darling!! And the concentration...no wonder she needed to get to bed last night! Valentine's...it's exhausting!

  3. those are to die for. i may have her help me with my valentines next year.

  4. Gasp! Those are absolutely adorable!

  5. So cute! Are these with your new lens, the light in that last one is beautiful!

  6. i love homemade valentines but was way tooooo lazy this year. Even after all the stuff i pinned! maybe next....

    p.s. Tate looks so much like Wyatt in that last pic!


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