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posted on: 2.24.2012

I must note that we did actually catch the very first crawl on camera, and it was on Valentine's Day. About 10 seonds in, Wyatt thought my over-the-top reaction was far more entertaining than Finn crawling and decided to start filming me instead. We're not going to be showing that one, ever.
This is the much more toned down version of the excited Chelsea, if you can even believe it.


  1. So cute! I cannot believe how big those twins are getting. And is it just me, or did Tate totally look like a mini Eve in that video?!?!?

  2. what a cutie! i cannot believe how big he looks. makes me so sad! these boys are going to be men by the time i see them next :( but seriously, cutest crawl. can you please send me the valentine's day version? nothing makes me happier than your reactions to things. gets me every time. these are lucky kids to have such an enthusiastic mother.

  3. so cute! yay finn! i have the same issue with my own excited sounds on video - e.g. ezra's first time riding his pedal bike - i really wanted to dub over it with music but instead had music and my uber excited mama voice ringing out above it all. it's good though... we mama's all understand.

  4. so so cute!! they are little toddlers now!! i can't believe it. i'm with maddie- please privately send me the video with your reactions. nothing makes me happier. yay, finn!

  5. i can't believe how big he is!!! how exciting to have him crawling. yes, you have to send the family the video of your first reaction. you know that's what we're all really dying to see :)


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