Finnley & Tuckariah

posted on: 2.17.2012

I'm sorry Wyatt. We were bored. It had to be done at some point. All those adorable dresses of Tate's just begged to be tried on

And you have to admit, Finnley and Tuckariah are hilarious. Look at them chatting it up like two little ladies who lunch. Tate and I could not stop laughing!

Tuck wore the look surprisingly well, don't you think? And was quite a good sport about it... opposite from his usual ultra-man attitude about most everything else.
Finn was a good sport about it for about .2 seconds and then took his her aggression out on Tuck.
And he paid me back ever-so-nicely by leaving a giant dollop of drool on Tate's Flora & Henri dress.


  1. Hahaha. It's always good to get blackmail photos for the future. Well done.

    (I can just picture you and Tate laughing hysterically. Let me guess- you had tears streaming down your face?)

  2. I think ,in that last photo,Finnley had just heard about a killer shoe sale! "Out of my way Tuckariah!!"
    Sooo funny!
    Cannot wait for the fall runway show!!

  3. hahahahahahahaha! love this. your boys are so pretty :)

  4. Oh man, it's been a while since I unexpectedly laughed out loud! That is great...Tuck looks right at home in those ruffles!!

  5. quite possibly the best post you've ever done. they are beauties.

    p.s. i LOVE Tate's valentines. YOU blow me away. how on earth do you guys think of these lovely things? two creative women.

  6. hahaha i just laughed out loud so hard. and i needed that today! thank you for being so weird, i mean, funny. :)

  7. you are hilarious! i really wish you had moved to bakersfield... : (

  8. When they are older, they will ask you to paint their nails. It's apart of having a sister.

  9. Ben and I are in stitches! So funny you did this :)


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