today you are five. one whole hand!

posted on: 1.20.2012

today you are 5. five!
today you are like magic. i want to freeze you forever.
today you are overwhelmingly sweet. i love that most about you.
today you are 40 pounds and getting taller quick.
today you love german oven pancakes most.
today you prefer sad, funny, or gross stories only. you say the others are boring.
today you are growing your hair out, and it's just past your shoulders. you like it in braids.
today you like anything by shel silverstein.
today you wake at 7 and always start the day with an episode of fresh beat band.
today you finally like being a girl.
today you adore your brothers, and are a better big sister than i ever thought a little girl could be.
today you are silly. those hips of yours can sure move, and you have perfected your english accent.
today you are always aware.
today you say cunchtable, for comfortable, and it's the best thing ever.
today you are polite and very caring.
today you don't want help in or out of the car.
today you can pour your own drink.
today you like to play family, candy land, chutes & ladders, and memory.
today you are less shy to strangers and extremely chatty at home.
today you still snuggle your blank.
today you brush your own teeth, your own hair, and tie your shoes.
today you love to draw streets and towns.
today you can sing most adele songs.
today you are easy to smile, and give love freely.
today you are sounding out your words.
today you still love to help me in the kitchen. i hope that never ends.
today you are forgiving and oddly patient.
today your favorite are jeans and a tee shirt.
today you are tough, a fast runner, and very flexible.
today you have a sensitive heart. you don't like to be the center of attention, it makes you nervous.
today you still put an f before the words remember, remind, and relax and i don't want to correct you.
today you still can't sit through an entire movie.
today you like having your tummy tickled at bedtime, and a song sung to you.
today you are competitive and love a good contest. mostly if you win.
today you get hot easily and spend most nights shirtless.
today you are growing out of playing cars.
today you wear a necklace each day, and one spray of kid perfume.
today you tell me you love me, daddy, the boys, AND yourself... and that makes me so happy.

today you are one whole hand! Happy Birthday sweet Taters!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (I feel like I think I should when I like, turn 60 or something. Her life is over.  yep. It's all downhill from here, and I don't want to talk or think about it.) But really, I can't even talk about it.


  1. I wish we lived close so Kate and Tate could be friends! So cute...i feel the same way! I filled out Kates registration for kindergarten last night and it was aweful. LOVED the post!

  2. this post just made me want to hang out with tate everyday and never have to live an adult life again! she truly is the perfect child. how did you do it? i'm so happy she's the way she is because you deserve her especially during this hectic time of your lives. Love you all! Give tate a big hug and kiss from her aunt Dru today!

  3. she is an absolute dream! our lives would all be awful without her. so many cute things - love the squirt of perfume and shirtless nights. such a character. we love you miss tate! happy birthday.

  4. I fremember the day she was born like it was yesterday. We love you Taters! Happy 5!

  5. Don't you just wish you could bottle her up and save it forever!! Could not love her more...and I'm with you...with every year older my heart breaks just a little!!

  6. The love you have for this girl shines when you write these birthday posts. Nothing is sweeter. Tate will cherish these thoughts of yours one day.

    Happy Birdthday to my favorite five year old. Xxoo

  7. naaaww. so sweet. happy 5th tate :)

  8. This made me cry Ches- I'm going to try it for Elle's b day coming up- she really is perfect. Good job capturing it.


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