posted on: 1.27.2012

There have been some major milestones round these parts in the last couple weeks. 

 Mr. Finn is sitting. Rocking on all fours. And cut two teeth- the bottom two. He's blowin up people!
 Tuck man finally got the umph to roll. He's still got to wind up to get going, which is highly entertaining to watch.

Both boys are babbling, mostly saying dadadada and yayaya. My new favorite- leaving them in one crib together to play and listening to them babble, fight, and coo from the other room. In following with their funny personalities, Tuck is usually just gazing into Finn's eyes curiously, while Finn smiles, flails his hands in Tuck's face, then pulls a fast one on him and steals his binky. I let it happen because I know this will be the only time Finn will be able to dominate him. As soon as Tuck man gets mobile... watch out!

Also, off subject, I made these last night and they were divine. Easy and healthy. We all enjoyed a couple. Try them!


  1. those boys are too cute!

  2. Those boys are darling . . . but I cannot believe how different they look. Wow. I love that they get to play in a crib together and even though I can imagine it is difficult at times (twins) that is one of those so WORTH it moments!

  3. they really are so cute!! Crazy how quickly they grow up:(

  4. you have a beautiful light streaming through your home. oh, the boys are so cute and so different. you really get the best having fraternal twins i think. i think you are a wise loving mama chelsea. these kids are so lucky to have you as their mommy.


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