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posted on: 1.25.2012

I melt for this little one. I feel like I say it all the time, and I feel like a broken record. But I don't want to forget this sweetness of hers. You know, in case she decides to steal & crash my car one day.

We had a rough morning. The kind where she asks for one too many treats before lunch, the kind where I'm having to say no to far too many things. And let's just be honest, I was totally annoyed. I said to her, as I was doing her hair, "we're having a rough morning aren't we? We aren't getting along too well". 

Tate, in the most sincere, concerned voice says to me, 
"but mom, we have to get along. that's what king luther taught us".

 King Who? I say

"Marthin Luther King mom. Well, Marthin Luther King Jr."
"He said we need to get along with everybody".

You're so right Tate. Thanks for reminding me.


  1. What a doll! Can we trade? I had a similar day with my kiddos but I'm pretty sure I didn't handle it as well as you. I sent all mine to bed at 7:15.

  2. Me and Avie didn't get along too well today either. I'll have to remember King Arthur for tomorrow.

  3. that is the cutest thing!

  4. I am so happy to hear I am not the only mom that battles morning treats, gets annoyed and just flat out is having a hard time getting along with the wee ones some days. Chels you always seem to handle it with such grace and of course cute Tate is always there to give a sweet reminder of how we all should be. Thanks for sharing a sweet story.

  5. i love kids! they say the best stuff. Tate really seems like the sweetest! treats are my nemisis with my kids- its constant.

    p.s. thanks for such nice comments on my blog. i'd feel so insecure with a house tour and your amazing eye/taste looking at it. every pic you post that shows your house i think "geez how does she pull of such style yet keeping it so simple!"

  6. gosh that girl is precious.

  7. she is one of a kind. i miss her, and all of you today. hope her birthday was magical.

  8. you crack me up and tate melts my heart too!

  9. Seriously so cute. How do you stay mad after that! Such a smart little thing!

  10. She is so sweet- I swear I learn more from my kids then they learn from me:)

  11. She is darling. And so smart!


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