celebrating 5 with 5 chefs

posted on: 1.30.2012

Because the weather wasn't cooperating, Tate's second choice (to a sledding party) was a baking party. 
We invited five of her girlfriends over for an afternoon of baking... and eating, of course.

I set the table for five little chefs, re-using a lot of what we already had. Baby food jars for jam take homes,  bright rubber spatula's as a centerpiece, glass milk bottles from leftover starbucks frapps, cutting boards and pyrex dishes as decoration. Anyway, turns out a baking party is perfect because all the themed decorations you could ever want are in your kitchen.

After getting some ideas here, we decided on a chocolate dipped strawberry station, homemade jam station, and cookie decorating station.
All were a hit, and the girls especially like mashing up all the strawberries for the jam.
                       (I accidentally set my camera to "scene" and not a good one, because from here out, all the pictures are grainy.... argh!)

Anna, Olivia, Gabi, Tate, and Avery. These five were a hoot to watch interact.
Laughing and giggling about anything, admiring their disposable aprons, commenting on how they saw real cute aprons at TJ Maxx the other day... "oh, my mom goes there", one said after.
It was hilarious. Tate is so lucky to have such fun little friends.

Mashing up the strawberries. We used this recipe. It seemed the simplest. 

It turned out delicious!

She blew out her candle... there was some awkward silence, and then Wyatt and I laughed about how they might still need some parent interaction encouraging them what's next:)

The day ended with the tired chefs throwing off their hats & aprons and lettin' loose!
These two, oh boy.


  1. the perfect party! classiest little chefs i ever saw. congrats on having the best taste of anyone i know :) happy birthday taters!

  2. Your posts are always so beautiful...even with grainy pictures. What an adorable party! Wish we could have been there.

  3. Oh my I am in love with that little party...too cute! I love seeing you as a mom through your blog so stinking cute!

  4. what an incredible idea! Now i wish I had a kid to try it out on haha

  5. seriously adorable!! both the chefs and the party scene! Will you just plan all my parties for me??

  6. you are sooooo wonderful! i want to be just like you. what a great great party. everything looks so perfect and out of a magazine! i love it. again - the lighting in our home is amazing. what a great place. i think i recognize the little girl dancing with tate from your pics from dominica. how great for them to be together again (if indeed it is the same little friend). happy birthday to your sweet little one.

  7. Favorite part of the post:
    (I accidentally set my camera to "scene" and not a good one, because from here out, all the pictures are grainy.... argh!)

    Shiver me timbers!!!!! Me camera got set to "scene" ...argh!!!

  8. I am going to start praying now that in my next life I might be blessed with a smidgeon of your simple elegance & talents.

  9. this could not be any more darling. crap. you've really set the bar high. good thing i'm having a boy is all i can say.


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