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posted on: 1.18.2012

Before we took off to Michigan my dear long time friend (with 16 years behind us!) Cassi, cleared her busy schedule to take my kids pictures. Since getting married, to best friends mind you, we've never lived in the same place. Argh! Shouldn't there be some sort of best friend clause against that?! Anyway, it's always so worth waiting for her to be in the same place, at the same time, as me, so that she can work her magic and capture my kids just as see them. I love that about her work.

When she sent me these pictures I cried as I looked over them (and wished so badly Wyatt hadn't had to miss them!) I love these precious little faces so much, and I love the photos even more knowing she was a part of them.
Always worth the wait, that Cassi is.

This is my favorite photo of the boys. I was happy to be able to use this amazing cradle of my mother in laws. Her dad, Wyatt's grandpa, built it, and all 7 of the Horsley children slept in it. It's beautiful.

Thank you a million times over dear Cass! 
If you'd like to browse through her other stunning photographs, you can visit her site here, and wonderful blog here.


  1. You truly are blessed, my friend!

    I love and miss you all so much!

  2. Chels, those pictures are so cute!!! I am dying over the one of the 3 kiddos on the bed!!! What a perfect little family you have:)

  3. so insanely beautiful!! i never get enough at seeing your kids and your amazing style on them.

  4. she's so good! and man, you all are beautiful. (I didn't realize the husbands were best friends too. I like that story!)

  5. They are really great! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. Picture #18. Talk about a picture worth a thousand words. It's how I feel just about every day. The caption would say something like this:

    "Yep I have babies. So many babies they are spilling, flailing and flopping right out of my arms. All I can do is sit here and smile shyly at the spectacle I've become. And fix the hair that I haven't pulled out yet so it looks nice."

  7. these are perfect! love wy's comment too. goodness gracious you guys are gorgeous.

  8. these pictures are ahhmazing. your kiddos are gorgeous anyway but these shots have captured them so beautifully. love.

  9. oh girl, these came out so beautifully!!! GORGEOUS fam!!

  10. OH MAN chelsea. these pictures are gorgeous. gorgeous. of all of you.

    and can i just say tate has an enviable hair style? i mean, girlfriends hair has got it going on.


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