2011, Good Riddance!

posted on: 1.16.2012

I'm welcoming 2012 with fresh eyes. Happy eyes. I'm leaving 2011 behind me, letting it go, but taking what I learned and setting new rules for myself. Rules mainly about what thoughts I allow my brain to digress on, because afterall, that's what I can control.
I know most of you are thinking of Valentine's Day or Spring already, but I'm just now closing up the holidays and thinking about the new year. My days move a million miles an hour and my head is always weeks behind. It's how I roll now.
2011 was, um, crappy. With three moves, bed rest, twins in hospitals far too long, unexpected news & set backs, I am HAPPILY welcoming 2012. 
I firmly believe that we are not given more than we can handle. It was proven to me this year, as too many times I didn't know how I was ever going to make it out alive. And I also believe, as cliche as it sounds, things fall upon us specifically for a reason. Really believing that gives me a lot of strength and  boosted confidence to keep going, just do it, and be happy. If I've been given it, I MUST have the strength to conquer it.
I know 2012 isn't going to come and go without it's surprises and hardships, some I already know I'm in store for. But at least I know now I can do hard things. I've proven that to myself in 2011. But please Wy, let's not move or have another baby for a while (or ever!), okay? 

2011 year in review: the stuff you haven't seen
(Fair warning- this is obnoxiously long. If you're just interested in seeing the holidays skip to about 5 minutes)

What I loved about 2011:
Meeting the boys
 moving out of Saginaw
 moving back to our old hood
meeting two more new nephews
endless and genuine service from family and friends
 the summer of yes!
lagoon, nielsens custard, late warm nights on the lawn, the country club swimming
Tate learns to ride a bike with no training wheels, takes tennis and plays on her first tee-ball team
girls trip to Vegas with mom
Having Wy home w/no work, no school for 3 months!
seeing our new home & neighborhood in Bloomfield Hills

It is a good life!
swear, the next post won't be a video. 


  1. I am, of course, crying. I MUST come back to Michigan. I miss you guys. Tell me about this yellow mini that Tate has? I want to ride that baby when I'm there next. Love the pictures of Tuck looking at his hands, and Finn's eyelashes. Oh my goodness. I'm glad you have that year behind you. You both handled it with such grace, and I'm constantly amazed by you. Just so you know, you make the hardest years seem like a breeze. Now that's a gift! Love you guys!

  2. So cute Chels! Totally made me cry too! I'm so proud of you and Wy, you have handled everything life has thrown at you like champs! I love you, you're my new idol!

  3. I just have to echo Eve and Heathers comments...you have handled this year and all that it has brought with grace and optimism and strength and faith!! I am so proud of you! I loved the video!!! We'll have that on repeat for the next few days:) I, shockingly, did not cry!! Oh, got to love those hormones!!

  4. Crying here too. Just love you and yours too much. So many precious beautiful moments captured. I loved every second and was sad when it ended.

    p.s. Tate has got to be the world's most charming, hilarious, beautiful, spunky, sweet little person on earth. I adore that girl. What a great big sister for those handsome lover boys.

  5. Well. I did have to eat a sandwich and take a nap about half way through, but it was a lot to remember I suppose. Highlights and impressions:

    1) The invisible elephant sitting on my face at about the 1:30 mark
    2) Me looking like the gay version of Magua from Last of the Hohicans with my haircut. Google it.
    2) Tate's bike riding "victory" shot-never seen that one
    3) Finn's close up where he is holding Tuck's hand
    4) Tuck looking studious at the end and his never ending obsession with his hand
    5) Your determination to forget Saginaw - not a single picture from the first 3+ months of the year. As they say in medicine- if you don't document it, it never happened.

    Good job babe.

  6. Such a beautiful video Chels! Looking forward to a calmer 2012 for you guys. Love you!

  7. Having had my share of shit to sort through . . . I couldn't agree with your perspective and wisdom MORE!

  8. You have no idea how amazing you are.... which makes you even more amazing! To quote a classic, "you are the sh*t so take a BIG whiff!" ha

    Goodbye 2011 & HELLO 2012!!

    Love you oh so much!

  9. that was the greatest video ever! you are the best mom. your kids are going to love you for how well you have documented their lives. so so so many classic pictures of all kids and wy! haha, love the hair one. he should have sported that for a few days! :) I want to come see you. dying to come see you!


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