posted on: 12.23.2011

I've loved having my sister here this week. For so many reasons, mostly just her company. But I noticed too that she's given me a little gift, of time. Time to shower in the morning, time to get another hour of sleep if I want after she wakes up, time to take a date with my husband, time to sit here and blog. And time to notice, and love, and live in little moments throughout the day. Like Tuck sleeping sweetly with his perfect chubby hands tucked up near his face.
I could stare at that kid sleep (and at his perfect hands) all day.

And time to stop in the middle of shopping at the Gap, amidst the crowds of last minute shoppers to capture a cute moment between Finn & Tate. And that adorable giggle, before I missed it.

Time is not something to be taken for granted, as it very rarely allows for do overs.
So glad I have her here with me to s  l  o  w me down, and allow me to enjoy these beautiful perfect kids I've been given.


  1. so lovely written,chelsea. so glad you're finding a little peace.

  2. i know just what you mean about the time given from having family near. doesn't it make you want to live next door to them all? i love it... this video is so sweet. i have one too of ez at naartjie laughing on my youtube when he was almost one (i can hear from the christmas music in the background):

  3. that was me by the way... my youtube is on michael's email - gmail.


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