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posted on: 12.13.2011

Another week of almost all recipes made, from Pinterest.
Some awesome, some not so much.
Here's the run down, the low down, the down low, the scoop.

This not-so-good's were,

I thought this would be a favorite since I always love this dish when I'm dining out.
Wyatt and I both thought it was too sweet (and I have an evil sweet tooth).
I went with Trader Joes ravioli, which was delicious, and should have just been left on it's own.
If I were to make this again I would: 
cut out the brown sugar syrup stuff and the ricotta,
add a bit of browned butter over the top (maybe sweetened just a tad) + fresh sage.

Adapted from a much loved cafe in Salt Lake I was sure this was going to be a hit too.
I love recipes with simple, good quality ingredients and the fewer usually the better I've found.
I'm not sure where this one went wrong, but it just didn't have much depth of flavor (not to sound all chefy, but that's the only way to describe it). It just needed more of something. It didn't settle well, and I won't be making it again.
Next time I'll try this recipe I think.

The Hit's were, 

Simple, delicious. I served it over brown rice and we all devoured it.
*I did add some red pepper flakes for a little kick
Try it!

A very nice, filling, but lighter meal. I only like to serve meat a once or twice a week, so I always add in a hearty, but meat-free salad, or pasta. This is a great winter salad.
*I used walnuts, instead of hazlenuts, and it was okay, but if you do substitute get the candied walnuts. It needs that sweetness.

This week from Pinterest I'll be making:

I'll let you know how they go. Now, go make some of these & catch up on the Kardashian's!
That's what I'll be doing.


  1. yum yum yum! you are amazing. can't wait to make these - xoxo.

  2. I want to follow you on Pintrest! I need to add some of your foodie pins to my culinary board. :)

    Also thanks for telling of the failures and the successes. I always forget to do that.

    Oh, and how do you have time to do IT ALL? You rock.

  3. i LOVE that you post the recipes that you've liked. I've made a few that I pinned that I didn't like and deleted. thanks for the new recipes!

  4. i NEED to make that beef and broccoli recipe! it looks amazziinngg!!


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