posted on: 12.22.2011

Neighbor friend gifts. CHECK.
 Sometimes it's awesome that you don't know your neighbors yet. NO neighbor gifts to fret about this year. I did want to take something simple and pretty to a few dear friends who have helped me so much since moving here. It needed to be simple, pretty, and it needed to be inexpensive. Trader Joes mini Poinsettia's were perfect (and I love that appley red mix). I'm not a big fan of the gold metallic and clear celophane wrap that usually accompanies store bought flowers, so I switched that out for some of my brown craft paper, tied it off with twine, attached a nice little card and voila! I think I'll stick with mini poinsettia's each year now. So easy and pretty.

Goofy kid to deliver them. CHECK.

 First Christmas Cookie Exchange with strangers. CHECK (and a blast!)
I went with the glittering lemon sandwich cookies, and although I'm sure easier than the Macaroon, they still took me 6 hours! Pretty and delicious, but I'll never be making them again. I have a two hour baking limit.

Celebrating with Family. CHECK.
 This sister flew into town for Christmas, and is making it all Merry & Bright!

Post Dinner Dance Parties. CHECK.


  1. shoot it says the video is private - i'm dying to see it! also, those cookies are to die for. i wish i could eat one right now. i'm sure the poinsettias were the classiest friend gift they'll ever get. and can we please talk about the picture on your christmas card??!!!??? ahhhhhh. so precious. i could just eat those boys. if i don't talk to you merry christmas!

  2. I am so sorry I didn't get to try one of the six hour cookies. Knowing they took that long would have just added something.

    This is Sarah by the way.

  3. ohhh your daughter looks soooo cute. Yellow is a great color for her :)

  4. i'm in love with Tate's dancing! she's got some sick moves. that poinsettia is to die for. if i ever see that color of one, i'm for sure buying it! so glad Brooke is there to spend Christmas with you. Can't wait for you to come into town!!!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. I'm sure we'll be in touch that day :)

  5. beautiful cookies! love the picture of your sister and the kids. how sweet that the boys are looking at each other. enjoy the time with your sister! merry christmas! it's wonderful that she's there with you all.


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