posted on: 12.12.2011

This week I was invited to a cookie exchange party with 50+ women in the area. I've never been to a cookie exchange, I've never met most of these women, and my specialty no fail cookie has always been the chocolate chip. I don't think that's going to cut it this time. Not that it's not delicious (and it IS!), but I want to try something new, something a little more festive. The Peppermint Macroon and the Glittering Lemon sandwich cookies are the two I'm debating between. I've always wanted to try the Macroon, and think if I set aside several hours the night before when all the kids are in bed, I could slowly follow these tips to perfection and hope & pray they turn out okay. But, the sandwich cookies are much easier + that glittery sanding sugar just looks fun! I'm thinking gold, silver & hot pink. Fun, no?

What are your thoughts? Have you ever tried making a Macroon? Is it too risky for a first-timer? Do you have any other fabulous cookies that you think would even trump these?! Tell, tell. Do you think 20 other women at the party will also have made Macroons, you know, since they're kind of the new cupcake and all?
(and can you tell this isn't stressing me out at all).


  1. I have never tasted a macaroon I liked. Something about the texture? I know, I'm out of the club.

    As for your party, anything you do will turn out lovely, that's just a given. Have fun making some new gfriends. They are lucky to have you.

  2. OK, because I'm a great mom I have spent alot of time looking over these two recipes ( actually a ridiculous amount considering it's not even my cookie exchange!!) and I vote for the sparkling lemon cookies. They look beautiful, easier and the lemon will be different from peppermint for the holidays! There you have it! Do with it what you will and have fun!!

  3. i'm with debi on this one. the macaron looks like it could turn out disastrous. they're ezra's favorite cookies by the way. we had the best of the best in st. maarten. mmm. so yummy. i think the other ones are adorable and i'd be impressed if you brought those! for sure! have fun and relax - you're amazing!

  4. Go lemon.
    Also, just curious....what is the choc. chip recipe? :)


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