posted on: 12.07.2011

We got ourselves a tree. Not the charming cut-it-down-yourself style. Not even the go-to-a-cute-tree-lot style. Nope, we headed to a real special place called Lowes, bought ourselves a real, but pre-wrapped, tree for a mere $20, and popped that sucker up last night. 

Tate helped me with the lights, we all listened so contently to Frank Sinatra's Christmas melodies (is there anything better?) and drank Hot China, per Tate's request.
All day I heard "let's get our tree, listen to Christmas music and have hot china while we decorate it!"
She's talking about Chai. But Hot China is sooo much cooler, so we've changed the name officially at our house.

 This morning we woke up to the most beautiful fresh snow outside, watched Elf while the boys napped and finished off the rest of the decorating. I really do love this time of year!
If you're wondering, that's not a tree skirt. I've never had one, so each year I just use this crocheted blanket. Works like a charm.

 Tate was giddy about putting up this sock advent that my mom made us, but is still annoyed that we have to start on the 6, instead of the 1. Oops, bad mom.
But tonight I've filled them with goodies from Trader Joes and am crossing my fingers the treasures inside will make up for the six lost days.

Happy Holiday cluttering decorating! 


  1. Looks darling. We got ours at Home Depot. Can't beat twenty bones:) And, when you see the awesome thrift-store poncho doubling as a tree skirt at my house, you might want to run to the nearest goodwill. It's pretty perfect! And $2. Yep. Tis the season.

  2. oh wow! i love your advent calendar! so so cute! i love your cozy tree too!

  3. Look at all that loveliness!
    And I hear you -- we had to start at 5 on the advent calender. Next year :)

  4. LOVE the decorations!! The house looks lovely :)

  5. we love your style! every year we go to smith's to buy our tree. real WT here too. your decorations are to die for. that house of yours look pretty freakin' amazing!!

  6. A few things: I noticed that Tate's jammies are cute; where are they from? But then I also noticed that the top is a little feminine for the Farmer boys. And speaking of her jammie top: where the heck is it? She's topless while dancing and topless while decorating!

    Hot China is the best.

    Your decor looks lovely!

  7. Amy- We have a strict no shirt policy at our house. It's pretty awkward when the home teachers come over. Tate and I are very diligent in keeping code. Chelsea on the other hand is more resistant. I am working on her though.

    Seriously though, Tate is a freakishly warm person. She will randomly just take her shirt off at home and sleeps every night on top of her covers with her PJ's unbottoned. The hot china must have been too much.

  8. Those socks are the cutest and I love the idea of putting treats inside them! So fun!

  9. love the makeshift tree skirt and sock advent calendar from your mom! your home is so so lovely chels. i think you're very lucky to live where you do. the house market in bakersfield is leaving me a little down. but.. we'll make the best of it! and it's only temporary. i love hot china too btw...

  10. Your house looks beautiful! I'm so happy to see the advent up! I think the last time you were able to put it up Tate was, um, like 11 mos old?? Love you...and it's 20 degrees here, so I'm off for my own cup of hot China!

  11. I love the socks for your advent calendar!!! Did you make all those?

  12. your mom made that??? i love it.

  13. 1 - I still absolutely adore Tate.
    2 - I know I have told you this, but that sock advent is still one of my favorite Christmas decorations ever.
    3 - Your whole house looks adorable.

  14. Your decorations are too cute, and the advent stockings are darling- so perfect with the clothes pins!


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