Christmas Traditions

posted on: 12.18.2011

This year we won't be traveling home to Utah for Christmas. It's our first year not doing that. So that also means our first year to make our own traditions. Kind of exciting, kind of intimidating. I'm worried it won't be as "magical" as the Christmas Eve's past.

Usually at Wyatt's grandma's we act out the nativity scene, sing Christmas songs, and play our own chimes to the music.
At my families, the big to-do is our game of Charades, followed by the children acting out the nativity, and ending the night with my dad reading Polar Express. The grandkids get new Christmas jammies, and we get new tree ornaments that cleverly sum up our year.

This year I have planned                , and,                      , followed by a fun round of                  , and then maybe we'll end the night sweetly by doing                  .

We'll be eating this too                     . YUM!

Okay, so I need your help. Big time! 
The magic of Christmas at the Horsley household depends on it.
Please do share your favorite Christmas traditions, and delicious eats that are Christmas to you. 


  1. wow! tall order chels. i think your family's traditions sound wonderful and there's nothing like passing the baton. but, i have yet to make my own traditions as well - i think it may have something to do with this gypsy life we've both been living the last few years. so... as for christmas's past - my childhood - i loved that we always were called to dinner by a little bell. we always went to church christmas eve and for us being german, the evening was when we opened our presents - not christmas morning. so.. i guess you can't really borrow that. i am not carrying out that tradition with my children now as i think i always felt i missed out a bit on the whole santa thing. but, i'll always remember the bell that called us to dinner. i need to make a post like yours and get some suggestions too. i'll be back to read what people share!

  2. Trying to think what some of our traditions are/were. Like you, we grew up with the reading/acting out of the nativity. Some other things: On christmas eve we alternated years going to the nutcracker and going to a movie then coming home to open our new Christmas jammies. We also did/do a little talent show. Tate could choreograph a sweet number, I'm sure. We always slept in the same room on christmas eve... Loved that. Now we bounce around a lot. The only real traditions we have for our own family is that we set out food for santa's reindeer and leave treats/notes for Santa before the kids go to bed. Christmas morning Brian makes a big breakfast and we usually watch a show together. Good luck!

  3. I don't care what we do as long as we don't lose the charades. Sweating, nervous laughter, and humiliation should be a part of every holiday tradition. Why anyone would separate the two is beyond me.

  4. @ Wyatt (Caribute)... scrooge!

  5. Wyatt- this year it's just you and the sister wives...what's to be nervous about??


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