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posted on: 11.18.2011

Built our first fire in this house. And it was heavenly.

Watched the first snowfall of the season out the back doors.

Bathed all three kids at once. Tate was just a charmer about it.

Felt the first snow flakes of the season. Brrrr.

Took two afternoon cat naps with my chubby lover Tuck. Heaven.
 Sorry Finn. It's your fault for not being a snuggler.

We also endulged in these puppies which have truly changed my life forever.
Figured out our neighbor either hates us, or is an axe murderer and doesn't want to be identified. Or both. We're going to take him cookies, just to be sure.
Made this for dinner- yum.
Found out how to make Tuck giggle so bad he holds his breath
Got in a heated argument about who should fill the car up with gas (for real).
Scrubbed in on a brain surgery and spinal surgery. Just me though, Wyatt was home all day watching the kids and pinning.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Love the pics of the kids...yada, yada,but why oh why is Trader Joe's not available online??Seriously...peppermint fudge whatever cookies...seriously.

  2. hehe.. you're so funny. i love those candy cane joe joes too. have you tried them when they're dipped in chocolate too? they sell those too. omg. i can't wait to get back to california now for trader joe's! they don't have one here in florida. that picture of tate in the tub is funny! poor little girl.

  3. hahahaha. i hope that you get to do brain surgery on me one day. this post just screams christmas which makes me so happy! what a cozy little home you have. can't wait to see it! michigan 2012 - i'm making it happen. have a good day you perfect mother.

  4. ps-I just read your post all the way through...the Trader Joes's cookies got me all derailed...but I want to weigh in..1-as to your neighbor, I vote axe murderer, but your chocolate chip cookies may win him over, and 2-as to the gas tank...whoever is driving it when it gets CLOSE to empty. That's my two cents:)Oh, and 3-I can't wait to see Tuck giggle so hard he holds his breath! Makes me giggle just thinking about it:)

  5. Boo on the snow. Boo on the fight over the gas (that was a real humdinger). Hurray for officially documenting the fact that my son has man boobs.

    In my opinion the peppermint cookies are a bit overrated. For me though, mint is for brushing teeth, not for consumption, so it was a tough sell to begin with.

  6. That fire looks so warm and cozy. How is it that you are able to make this frigid Michigan weather look charming and appealing?

  7. You kind of make me sick. I can't believe you are gourmet cooking with twin babies. Seriously, stop it with the perfection.

    You know I love you right? You're kids are simply delicious. And you are making this Michigan winter weather seem quite bearable. Maybe we'll come in Feb after all. (I'm going to email potential travel dates right now...after I finish typing this comment...)

  8. um, you look gorgeous in that picture.

    ina is ALWAYS a winner in the kitchen.

    wyatt should fill up with gas UNLESS he wants to start sharing allllllll of his boob-milk and changing dirty diapers all day.

    wait, he doesn't have any boob milk.

  9. how beautiful these pictures are.
    love seeing a bit of your new life.
    one of these days when you have a
    moment, you can share how it is you have loveliest ever hair and skin.
    happy thanksgiving.
    i am grateful for you blog.


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