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posted on: 12.08.2011

I'm going overboard with my Christmas wish list. With Pinterest now completely taking over my life it seems my list is doubling daily. Greed is getting the better of me. But, if you're still wondering what you'd like, or need a gift for someone else, here are my tried and true favorite things! And no, sorry, I'm not giving any of them away.
These are what I use over and over and over again. They are what I would jump in front of a moving truck to save. 
They should no doubt be added to your Christmas wish list.

I asked for this for Christmas a couple years ago, and everyone thought I was crazy. A $140 blanket? Whaaa? One night snuggled up with this bad boy and you'll shoot yourself for letting your baby get all the good blankets thus far. It's probably my favorite thing I own. 

I'm going on my 4th pair. I get a new pair each year for Christmas, and wear them just about 365 nights a year. I'm not a soles-on-slippers fan, so these are more of an extra padded, extremely comfy, adorable sock. Trust me on this one.

I like glowing skin, and it's getting harder for me to achieve that look naturally (ugh!). 
This summer I was introduced to this product and now don't go a day with out it. I use it alone, on days when I don't have time for makeup, and it just perks my face up a bit. But, I love it under my makeup most. It brightens, smooths, primes, and gives the perfect amount of "dew" you want on your face. It's not cheap, but a little goes a long way, and I mostly use it on my under eye/cheeks only.

They aren't kiddin when they say theses puppies slim. Try them, and you won't want to take them off. And they aren't like the cut-your-circulation-off pants like Spanx or anything. They're super comfy. Maybe just give yourself these though, it might not go over so well if you give them to someone else.

I've used notepads, my mac stickies tab, but this little book has made it easiest for me. Plus, it's such a beautiful little book, I love having it out. It gives you space each day, for five years, to record something. I'm already loving to look back at all the funny things Tate has said.

6. Tocca Stella Perfume. Excuse me, Eau de Parfum.
It's heavenly, and not too expensive. I get asked all the time what perfume I wear, and this is it.
Although, if you ask Wyatt, he prefers this to anything else. So maybe go with the guys opinion?

7. Wanna know what the best candle is? This one. I swear someone comments on it every time I have it lit in my home. And, is it sick that it's comforting to me because it's how Anthropologie smells? Probably. In my defense, when I worked at the Santa Monica store it's all we burned, so maybe I'm psychologically associating it with my dream to live in sunny Cali. Anywho, more info than you care to hear about. Moving on.

And need I say it again. If you don't have this, you MUST get this
We use ours almost daily, and I'm convinced we wouldn't survive with out it.
A little secret too- You can get one that has been returned in perfect condition at the factory in Utah for a discount. That's how I got mine and it looks/works like new. I don't even think it was ever used, and still came boxed with a lifetime warranty!

Happy Shopping!


  1. I have to vouch for you on the blanket. The barefoot dreams blanket for $140 is worth. every. penny. Savor the flavor sweetheart because you may never hear me say something like that again. As the king of the land of practical and prudent I feel like a traitor endorsing something so decadent. I cant help myself though.

  2. Im interested about these leggings from target. Are they leggings you wear underneath something? You compared them to spanx ? Or do you wear them in their own?

    Love the list! I love seeing what others use and like enough to suggest to others. Thanks!


  3. I love barefoot dreams I have the adult throw and the robe! It's the best!!!! Need some new leggings and slippers! Love your list! Email me your address poshpetals@ mailing my Christmas cards

  4. Hi Chelsea,

    I've never actually met you, but we are kinda sorta related. I'm Jamie, Nan and Bill daughter-in-law (Pat's sister, BTW, but you probably knew that!)

    Anyhow, I found your blog awhile ago from Maddie's and I love reading it! Especially loved your list, adding stuff to my greedy Christmas list as we speak. . .

  5. Hey! Love the list. Where do you find that secret factory for the Blendtec?

  6. Jenny- Wy said he just found it on their website, but you can also google Blendtec in Lehi. Good Luck:)

  7. i am a candle-whore. i love a good candle. i might need to try that one. is the volcano the scent you have or the aloha one?

    also, i have a vitamix. blendtec's competition. love it. blendtec woudl've been our other choice but hubs just got this one. amazing.

    and i want those leggings. and that blanket.

  8. I bought a blanket at Stein Ericksen for $130 which is a ridiculous price for a blanket, but it is so dreamy. We all fight over it when we're watching TV. It looks like the blanket you have. They are at the foot of the beds at SE and I immediately called the front desk to ask where to buy them. Practical Landon let me get it as an anniversary present.

    Amen to Goody Goody slippers.

    I had a 5-year diary from my Grandma when I was in high school. To this day, it is the only journal I've ever kept. I should totally get another on.

  9. love the slippers. i always have cold feet in the winter. so annoying.
    and the skinny leggings. totally going to check those out. they may be my new home for winter!

  10. I would be elated to receive any of these things! Thanks for creating a wish list for me for the next couple holidays. Also, your house looks fab with all of the Christmas decor. Tate helps it look extra cute, too. :)


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