Our Small Thanksgiving

posted on: 11.28.2011

Our Thanksgiving weekend came and went too quickly. Yours? This year, for the first time since we've been married, we enjoyed a dinner with just our small family of 5. I grew up having Thanksgiving with my entire extended family, usually 40+ people and it's a grand holiday event! Even though it was just our little family I still wanted it to feel special, and different from just our usual Sunday dinner. I wanted to put on something nice, dress a pretty table, and feast upon all we are thankful for... and that we did.

I think I'll always put a little more effort into dressing my table now, seeing as how most these items were found outside or around my house, it was so simple! Pinecones were gathered in the grocery store parking lot (believe it or not I couldn't find any in my yard, but spotted them on my way out of the store the morning of, on a small patch of grass!). Ribbon and part of some pine bough was an easy way to dress up the silverware. Tate was entertained by making the place cards.

I don't own a runner, so I taped craft paper down the center of our table. The place mats were paper too, found here, and given to me last Christmas. I've loved them so much, I haven't wanted to use them a lot, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Sticks from our yard in a vase, and more pine bough completed the table. It really was so simple, and cute Tate is still talking about how fun it was to have a "fancy" table. I'm glad I could create that for her!
Pre dinner was the typical Thanksgiving running around, and Tate kept busy making necklaces for us to wear during dinner (although for some reason only her and Wyatt ended up with one).
Thanks to Auntie Boo for sending her beads, as it's all she plays with these days.

 Now that's a confident man. Sharpening the knives and while wearing a beaded rainbow necklace.

 Tate and I both waited impatiently for the green beans to finish.

And then we ate! And ate some more, why not?

The boys were asleep for most the action, but Tuck wanted to join in at the last minute and ended up with carrots from Wyatt's mouth on his head. Oops, sorry guy.

The night ended like this...

 Tate cozied up to the fire watching Elf...

 Apple pie...

And a disaster waiting for us in the kitchen.

My favorite part of the meal?
This Carrot Souffle. Wowza! I'll never go another Thanksgiving with out it.
Rolls from a local French baker, who delivered them to us the morning of!
Tate telling us she was thankful for the whole wide God.


  1. beautiful chelsea! you really made a special feast to remember. i just repinned that soufflé - yum! and the french baker's rolls did not go unnoticed by me in the first picture. your home is so lovely. i hope i can set up one half as nice in bakersfield!

  2. um wow you are amazing :) i can't believe that you did all of that yourself! you have such a darling family chels and you look fabulous :) it'd be so fun to someday meet up again and catch up! Hayden (my 3 year old) saw tate and said "oh mom she's cute and she's my friend" haha! glad you had a great thanksgiving

  3. Well, I think you can pretty confidently say: mission accomplished! What a beautiful thanksgiving! The food looks scrumptious, the table setting so simply lovely and the people darling. Yay for your sweet family of five and your first solo thanksgiving. Love and miss you. Xoxo

  4. kay that table was amazing! so darling and i love how organic it all was. and your meal! WOWZA! i'm impressed. my mouth was watering looking at those pictures. i miss you guys! it's getting kinda painful. this separation is not good.

  5. what a beautiful new tradition you started! It all looked amazing...great table, yummy food and adorable family...what else could you ask for?? love you and miss you all:)

  6. Looks and sounds fantastic! What fun to spruce up the table. It all looked great!

  7. looks perfect! I'm glad you guys were able to have such a fun Thanksgiving. you were very missed here! I'm also loving your table- definitely stealing some of these ideas for my holiday decor. Love you guys!

  8. this was eve too- dang, i'm stupid sometimes.

  9. your daughter is just beautiful!


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