Opposites Do Attract

posted on: 11.11.2011

Twins? Nah. Two babies born in the same stomach, yes.
Finn & Tuck could not be more different. So far the only similarity we have found between the two of them is their birthday.
Finn- skinny, long and wiry
Tuck- not skinny, short, and sleepy
Finn- can barely finish a 6oz. bottle in 30 minutes
Tuck- cries for more after 8oz. in 5 minutes
Tuck- loves to be swaddled tight to sleep
Finn- despises that swaddling blanket as if it were the devil in disguise
Tuck- my cuddler
Finn- don't even think about it
Tuck- burps on command, and several times the second you sit him up after eating
Finn- rarely burps
Tuck- barely there hair, still
Finn- has lost a head, and regrown another color entirely
Finn- eyelashes that go on forever
Tuck- lips that go on forever
Finn- high pitched squeals and coos
Tuck- low raspy growls and chuckles
Finn- thinks everything over your shoulder is cool
Tuck- thinks you're the coolest thing since pumped milk
Finn- tummy time is a good time
Tuck- do it, and die
Finn- needs to "settle" himself to sleep 
Tuck- shuts his eyes the moment you lay him down
Finn- innie
Tuck- outie
Finn- looks like Tate
Tuck- looks like... our Japanese mailman?
Finn- commonly called, snuffaluffagus, the queen, twitch, phelps
Tuck- commonly called, Boss, Beavis, Captain Chunk, Mr. Tuck

And, there you have it.


  1. They both make me say, "Darn it, why didn't two Everetts come out in June?!" So handsome!

    Also, love their stripes. Someone asked me why I always dress EE in stripes, and I said, why not?

  2. they're so cute! i love how you wrote all these characteristics down. it is quite remarkable. they are fraternal then right?

  3. That is so so funny! They are seriously so cute!!

  4. Henry looked over my shoulder as I was reading this and asked if Tuck was a Chinese baby. Nope...just kissable chunky cheeks that make his eyes squinty when he smiles. Seriously, Chels, I want to kiss both little necks. They could not be cuter and they definitely don't look like preemies. They're well on their way to becoming little boys.

  5. okay, dying laughing over the picture that tuck is just doing a face plant. loved reading about these little guys personalities. it's fun that they are so different! they are perfect. love you guys.

  6. Love the post for two reasons. First, obviously...those boys!! I just want to eat them up, and it still makes me laugh when I think about how different they are! Second, two posts in three days...things must be looking up in Michigan!! I'm sooo happy to see you back to blogging, because that means life is somewhat returning to normal...or at least you have some time to ourself! At least enough to blog and feed the pinterest monster:)Love you!

  7. such a great post! they really couldn't be more different. those pictures too! so hilarious. what lucky parents you are the have gotten 2 completely different boys at once! :)

  8. I really LOL'ed at your asian mailman comment!!

    And Finn does look just like his sis!

    Such a cute and beautiful family!

  9. they couldn't be any cuter!

  10. and I bet people will forever ask if they are identical. (which always made me and my no-similarities-whatsoever twin smile)

    love them!

  11. k, im dying! they are both so cute! and it's totally amazing to me that they are so different, love it!!

  12. japanese mailman. SO funny. they are both adorable, no doubt. different but cute all the same.

  13. What a great comparison list! Sweet little boys that will probably always be different from each other, and yet best of friends!

  14. aww, love reading about their little quirks and differences. and they're both sooo cute!


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