Feeling Thankful

posted on: 11.23.2011

This summer, a short while after the boys were born, I received this gratitude book in the mail. It came on a bad day. A perfect day for the book to come into my hands, but a bad day for me personally. It came from a stranger. A sweet woman whom I've never met, but who's sister is one of my dearest friends. With it was a note. She too is a mother of twin boys, so knew all too well the ups and downs that come with having multiples. In her letter she told me how writing her thoughts down of what she was grateful for helped her make it through some hard times.
Although I sporadically missed days to actually write down my reflections, I did reflect at some point each day on how much I have to be grateful for.
In some of my darkest days, real days that I thought I had maybe made a mistake, something would pop into my mind, or someone would call to remind me, and lift me up just enough to make it through... so far. It's true what she said, the woman who sent the book, that taking a moment each day to reflect on that would help. It did help, it is helping. I have a lot to be grateful for.
I am grateful to her. For her kindness, her generosity, her caring words, her validation, her timing.

I'm so grateful that I have two little boys who came at one time. Because really, that's super cool!
I'm so grateful for a husband who works harder at being a good dad than he does anything else, and who accepts me for the crazy, emotional, passionate, dramatic, prissy gal that I am.
I'm so grateful for a daughter who seriously breaks my heart every. single. day with her sweetness.
I'm so grateful for my family. This past year more than any other time, I've needed them. Like, would have died with out them. I'm still alive, so we can all thank them for that. I hope when my kids are older  they will feel the same comfort and security that comes from knowing your parents will be there for you when no one else can be.
I'm so grateful for friends who kept calling, kept visiting, kept reaching out, even when I didn't/haven't returned the favor. 

And if you've left an encouraging, or complimentary, or nice comment on this blog, or on my facebook, or through email, know I'm grateful for you too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. such a sweet post. i'm grateful for you! you make all our lives better in too many ways to list. Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving. it will NOT be the same without you at home. Love you!

  2. family is always the first thing i am thankful for too. you are a great mama chelsea - i'm sure your kids will be grateful and are already for your sweet love. happy thanksgiving to you and yours! i hope you aren't working too hard to prepare all the food yourself tomorrow! whole foods does a great take out turkey! xoxo (p.s. i wrote you back a long message to your email)


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