Double Double Toil and Trouble

posted on: 11.01.2011

We waited for the witching hour, and then headed out to the best trick-or-treating neighborhood I've yet to see. Tate got a pumpkin full of goodies, cast a few spells on her victims, and we got some overdue time with just her.
In continuing with my mother of the year theme, the twins didn't get a costume this year, or have a single picture taken. I feel great about it.

Hope you had a great night!


  1. well her awesome witch costume should make you feel good about your halloween! and that you had a night out with just the three of you. i'm sure she loved this year. ezra was thrilled with halloween this year! i'm looking at your great pics and thinking i'm a terrible mom because i didn't stage a great photoshoot like this. we can't be perfect! the twins won't mind that they didn't dress up their first halloween. they'll probably thank you for it later. you have years to make up for it! i can see the future for you - salt and pepper shakers, ketchup and mustard, etc. so cute!

  2. Love your little witch! What a perfectly put together costume! Remember that the boys won't have any memories of it anyway so you can start working on next years costumes and stop worry about this year :-)

  3. the most beautiful witch! i bet she was the classiest one in the whole country yesterday. those shoes! i feel so good about the twins - i would not have had a costume for wells if it weren't for you so there you go - you outfitted 2 kiddies! hope you're enjoying that nielsen's and maybe ask your parents to swing by dallas with some on their way home :)

  4. Cutest little witch:) Quit talking yourself into loving it there so much!!! We want you to eventually come back:)

  5. You always have the best costumes!! She is so darling. Happy Birthday, hope your day is awesome!


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