posted on: 10.12.2011

I could catch up on the 700 or so pictures from the summer that still haven't been posted, or the many very important milestones my kids have made. Like say, someone learning to ride a bike with only two wheels, or some boys turning 4 months, rolling over, then turning 5 month, oh and given a special blessing. But that'll just have to wait until someday (I'm not even committing to posting it soon, just someday). Because now the biggest thing happening in our life is the recent move to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. To say we love it so far would be a huuuuge understatement. We're pretty sure we've found our soul mate area. That does exist, you know. We just didn't know it until we saw this place.
I have oh, so much, to show you... but for now here's a little sneak peak at our first week here.
Above: the side of our new house, and yes, the rolling hills in the backyard happen to ALL be ours (more pictures coming soon).
Not more than a 3 minute walk, just down the most beautiful paved, tree lined walking trail, from our house is the Village of Franklin. A historic little town, home to this Cider Mill (which we've enjoyed homemade doughnuts & cider from twice already).
The boys are are just tickled pink about the place, can't you tell?

Glorious leaves swirling and falling everywhere and colors that put the stunning Utah mountains a little to shame.
Said perfect paved, tree lined, walking path into Franklin. Something we're making time to enjoy about once a day, because how can we not?

What would this cute village be without a perfect little town market. Not just any market though... one that knows everyone by name, delivers groceries and sells the finest foods and flowers.

Town library with church bells ringing in the background

Gift shops, salons, restaurants, all locally owned.

And everyone here decorates for the holidays. Even the adorable fire station, and tiny full service gas pump. Don't even think about not dressing up for Halloween, or having your house lined in pumpkins and candles, because you'll be the only one.

The Farmhouse. Our local coffee/ice cream parlor. Of course it looks like this. Everything here looks like this. So far, nothing here is not charming. And if you're thinking "this is all great Chels, but it looks a little small", just bear in mind this isn't even where we live. This is just what we get to enjoy less than 5 minutes walking distance away. I've already found that no more than 7 minutes in the car, lands me in downtown Birmingham, home to some fabulous restaurants and the Anthropologie. (que music now. because that's how I felt when I realized the ideal location).
And to top of the perfect experience that is the village of Franklin, you have the community church, who's bells ding and dong every hour, on the hour.
 This town seems so perfect I keep waiting for carolers to burst out of the bushes and break out in my favorite song.
Okay, there's those smiling faces.

ps- forgot to mention the lake. The one we're walking distance too. Sorry mom- how will we ever leave?!


  1. I'm in michigan too! (well, for school anyways hehe). darling, you pictures are absolutely gorgeous... and that house? the perfect definition of a home.


  2. Sounds and looks amazing! What fun you are having. I'm so excited for you guys!

  3. are you kidding me!? i'm SO happy you're finally in a place you can love! that looks too goo to be true! i'm in love with already just from these pictures. i want to live there too! is there a dental school nearby? heaven. complete heaven.

  4. So glad you're loving it! It looks just up my alley! Sorry we haven't had a chance to catch up lately, soon though! Love you all xxx

  5. oh my adorable!!! can we come visit! your boys are looking so grown up. happy things are going well. happy fall :)

  6. Oh wow. Who knew you could drool over charming landscape and architecture? I didn't until I just did looking at your pictures. You've certainly earned all this loveliness. All those trees? And the PATH!!! Only thing missing is your favorite friends, right? :) Miss you already. And am hoping I get to see you sometime. That's the only bummer about you loving the place you live .. we won't get to benefit from your long escapes anymore. :(

    Love you and those darling kids. Love seeing pictures of your lover boys.


  7. Okay, I am totally ready to move to Michigan now. It is perfect! I didn't know such a place could exist!

  8. wooooow! okay, now i think we should've tried to get into michigan. what hospital is wyatt at? the auc students rotate at novi. i think we'll have to apply for residency there! you just made me want to move. the only thing holding us back from michigan has been the cold winters - but you're from utah and know about snow and ice. we're california sunshine babies - and i mean babies. we can't handle the cold. sometimes i think i could but my husband says he can't and i believe him. we only lasted one year in san francisco.

  9. oops. i mean providence hospital.

  10. That looks so wonderful. I am actually slightly sad reading this because I just moved to LA (where my man got an amazing job) and it's not my perfect at all. Not even close. AND most likely we'll be here for the next 10 years. In the place with one season: hot. I'm pretty bummed. And homesick.

    But I'm SOOO happy for you. And WANT to see more pictures of your boys. They are SO big. And have such different personalities it seems. I love that.

    Thanks for blogging. I love keeping up with your life.


  11. i don't believe this place exists! perfect. those boys of yours have changed so much and are adorable as ever!

  12. You may be right..I think it is your soul mate area:) It's beautiful and I miss it and you already! Love you!

  13. Oh...and that picture of Tate and Finn, are you kidding me? There's your identical twins:) So beautiful!

  14. you sold me. we'll be packing up and moving there soon.

    love katie

  15. It looks amazing!!! I'm so happy for you that you finally get to live in a place that you love. And I'm so happy for me that I get to come visit you in that beautiful place. We really should start planning our trip...

    The kiddos...too cute! I miss you guys!!

  16. wow- it looks so charming where you live truly! :) I am so happy you feel so settled, there is no better feeling. Your boys are so adorable! :)
    I can't help picture the contrast between this cute little town market you posted and the grocery store in dominica that you shopped at :)

  17. what a lovely place...and those are to beautiful smiling faces :)

  18. looking pretty darn fantastic! and it was gonna be hard to beat that adorable house you left back in utah (i'm still loving it). but you just might've.

    the kids. too cute. all three.


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