posted on: 10.26.2011

You can go ahead and congratulate me now for Mother of the Year. 
This week I really went above and beyond for my children, and am feeling on top of the world.

In the car, "I forgot to feed you breakfast Tate... here's some tic tacs"
Before school, "Just wear a leotard or swimsuit to school today because you don't have any clean underwear"

and that's just what I'm willing to share. I don't want to make any other moms feel guilty about not doing enough for their kids. 


  1. This is a great post it makes me feel better. Not great mind you- but better xo

  2. you mean you're human too?

    phew I thought I was the only one!

    Awesome post

  3. hahaha! i hope this means you're already looking back and laughing! so good you're writing this stuff down super mom.

  4. your daughter is absolutely beautiful.


  5. you are the greatest! honestly, i can't even fathom being able to do what you're doing right now. you have to make light and laugh through this time because i can guarantee you that every other mom of multiplies has done the same things and worse! miss you. my heart aches to be there with you and ease your burden. stupid job. stupid stupid job!

  6. Tess: You mean Tate gets Tic Tacs for breakfast? (Lucky girl.)

    Okay so the day after we moved into our house in Boise, I was taking my kids to an early morning play practice when I realized that I had forgotten to feed all 4 of them. Luckly, I had a few wheat thins in the car. I think they each got about 5. And then someone was thirsty. No problem...I had a diet coke left over from the day before.

    It happens to all of us. You're doing great! Hang in there.

  7. This is Tess to Chelsea
    my mom is realy mean.

    IT'S TRUE!!!

    you'er doing GREAT!!!

    writen by: TESS M

  8. I was dying laughing at this post- now I'm dying laughing at the comments.

    I have these moments and I only have one child. I fear for the lives of my other children.

    You're wonderful.

  9. Were they at least mint tic tacs so it counted as teeth brushing too? Breakfast of Champions!! I count it as a good sign that you can still see the humor in your situation:) Love you!

  10. i feel so good about this and the other comments! i'm with eve, i already have moments like this constantly, like last week when i put wells in newborn diapers because i didn't have any 3s left. you're the best mom - and you always look stylish doing it. love you!

  11. Chels, I totally laughed out loud at your last couple of posts!!! You've got to love days like that. I miss you, don't get too comfortable in Michigan. Xoxo

  12. I don't know what you're so bent out of shape about. Mint is a green plant. It's basically a vegetable. Throw in some orange tic tacs and voila- a serving of fruit to go with it. See, this parenting stuff isn't so hard.

  13. I've felt that way. Take for instance the time I was pushing William in his stroller and chatting with a friend and failed to notice that he fell out the front. It wasn't until I started rolling over him that I realized he had fallen out. Sometimes you just feel like a good mom.

  14. haha. classic.

    really though, you are a great mom.

  15. I have been laughing about your tic tac moment and your swimsuit in leiu of underwear ever since you shared it.

    Love it & love you. :)

  16. I admit I have been laughing about this ever since you shared on my blog.

    Love it & love you! :)

  17. Really I am laughing so hard because I have had those "FUN" memories! At the time they don't feel fun but looking back I always laugh and think really I can't believe we ALL survived! I think every mom is laughing and can TOTALLY relate! I seriously Heart this POST!!!


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