My New Life

posted on: 10.20.2011

 I wonder how long my adjustment period will be. To my new life, that is. I really feel like I've been given a completely new life, and it's not bad, just very different.
New children, new state, new house, new schedule. It's been a whole lot to "adjust" to. Some things wonderful, like our home & neighborhood. Some things not like Wyatt's busy schedule and not knowing anyone.
The blogging might be touch and go (as if it's been regular lately:) for a bit as I figure out this new life of mine. My life is looking a little like this... actually, exactly like this. Because if it doesn't look exactly like this all hell breaks loose and things fall apart all over the place. Sort of like Jenga. 
So, here's what my Jenga life looks like.
6:00am- boys wake up together to eat. Double feed the boys in their chairs.
(Wyatt's already been at hospital an hour)
6:30am- burp Tuck, try to avoid his unavoidable projectile reflux spit.
Change Tuck's diaper, place back in chair
6:40am- burp Finn, change his diaper, place back in chair
6:45am- hop in shower (if this doesn't happen NOW, it will never happen)
7:00am- Tate wakes up 
7-8am- Boys nap, Tate watches cartoons, I get ready (in theory:)
8am- Breakfast for me and Tate
8:30am- get Tate dressed
9am- boys are up, and need to eat again, double feed boys
9:30- burp both boys, and change diapers again
get boys dressed
9:30-10:30- play time/tummy time for boys
10:30- Put boys down for morning nap
10:30-12- time to clean up breakfast, put away boys toys, pack for the days outings
12 noon- boys wake up. Tate needs lunch. Make Tate lunch and then double feed boys at double speed because Tate needs to be to school in 30 minutes
12:30- change boys diapers, load everyone in car
12:45pm- Tate at school
1-2pm- run any errands quickly, go home and choose 1 of the following to do:
-check/respond to emails
-clean house
Usually ends in me cleaning up the tornado from the morning rush
2pm-3pm- boys nap again
3:00- wake boys up, who are angry and ready to eat
load into car, no time to eat now
3:15- pick Tate up from school, rush home to feed screaming boys
3:30- home, double feed boys, get Tate after school snack
4-5pm- play with boys and Tate (books and cuddling for boys, craft or baking for Tate)
5pm- lay boys down for nap
5-6pm- make dinner, Wyatt gets home (best time of day!)
6-7pm- eat dinner (this time I'm anal about. I hate eating later than 6), clean up dinner
7pm- boys are awake again. Wyatt and I feed one each, or he double feeds depending on what else needs to be done. Wyatt and Tate usually play something.
7:30- jammies for all the kids
7:45- boys in bed for the night
7:50- brush teeth for Tate, lay out tomorrow's outfit, tell her a story (which much always either be sad or gross because those are the only stories she likes), sing a song, say prayers, goodnight.
8:30pm- All kids in bed (in theory)
8:30- 9:30- between Wyatt and I, we
quickly pick up the house, so it's organized for tomorrow
do the days dishes
make lists for tomorrow's errands/chores/appointments
I re-stock the diaper bag and sort kids dirty day clothes from clean
wash all 18 bottles, then re- make 18 bottles for tomorrow (Wyatt does this)
start load of laundry, fold the load from the previous night
put laundry away
veg on couch to watch a show, catch up on emails, or heaven forbid talk to each other about our day:)
10pm- both our eyelids are heavy and we head to bed. Wyatt usually before me since he get's up at 4:30am. I have a hard time taking myself up to bed because I know it's alllllll going to come again the next day.
This week we made it to the park one day, and Target another day. Both which were huge feats. We also, this week, made it to the doctor's office three times (and again tomorrow) and the ER once. Oh, and I got a flat tire on the highway. That was really awesome.
It's been just sunshine and roses around here.
Lots of sunshine and roses to adjust to.

New for the boys:
Finn is laughing, and rolling over, and can finally eat more than four ounces per bottle
Tuck smiles at everything, burps like no ones business, and is gaining more fat rolls

New for Tate:
started a new school which she loves, and met three friends
finally got a house with stairs she can slide down
learned from the "fire doctor" at school all about 'mergencies, and when to call 911.
"Like, if you see someone on the street that has a sign that says- I'm going to shot you with fire", then you should call 911 she says. Also if you see a stranger coming into your house, you should call 911, then go get some "pickle spray", spray them, and the fire doctor will send them to jail.
We use pickle spray, instead of pepper spray around these parts:)
(she also told me if she ever got lost in a Target or Nordstrom she would find another mom with kids and tell them what I look like, which is...
"you have brown hair. You kind of, sometimes wear a necklace. You are sick. You are really really nice"
She's set!

New for Wyatt:
In his first two weeks of surgery rotations and so far so good
although he thinks all the surgery residents are jerks
has to be at the hospital at 5am
was told to keep a snack in his pocket in case he didn't have time for a meal, so he didn't pass out in the ER. Apparently eating isn't a real big priority when you're a surgeon.
buzzed his head
wants to live here forever

New for Me:
my first house with hallways long enough for a runner
cut my hair to my shoulders 
being "that mom". You know, the ones who's always late, and always frazzled.


  1. Chels, this bring me back. you are superwoman! I don't know how you throw a toddler into the mix. I remember I honestly just felt like I fed and changed diapers (and pumped) for an entire year and that was my life. Your little family is so adorable and you are amazing for what you do! Commend yourself for being such a good mommy :)

  2. Whoa! You are Supermum! Don't forget to take some time for yourself in there somewhere.

    You have such a lovely family, always lovely reading your blog posts.

  3. Oh sounds exhausting and wonderful. And somehow you all still manage to look stinkin cute. I wish I were there to help out. (And to shop at your cute little corner markets!) Hang in there. You're doing beautifully!

  4. Chelsea you are super woman :) I admire you a lot and think your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom! Hang in there you're awesome :)

  5. Chelsea -- your day is amazing. I love that you've listed it all out like this. One day when it's less hectic you'll be able to look back on it and be all, 'I totally did that -- I can do ANYTHING'.
    Also especially love Tate's description of you ;) Keep going strong, mama -- you're doing awesome.

  6. Surgery rotation was the WORST! Weve had 2 since and they seem like a breeze in comparison. You are amazing!

  7. woooow chelsea! a LOT on your plate - and to start with surgery must make this adjustment even harder. i am a little nervous as i type that because sure enough michael will be doing his surgery rotation when our baby arrives. nice... so, i think you're awesome and obviously a perfectionist. i could never write out the schedule of my day because it varies with each one - although we do have a rhythm of sleep and eating times. i wonder though what it will be with the baby because of course they tend to put your life in a schedule with all those naps and feeding times. good thing you found a school for tate with a late start time. i hope to find something similar for ezra or else i'll just keep him home a little longer. i'm so impressed you want to stay there forever. michael's parents left michigan for california years ago - before michael was born - and i guess we just fear that northern cold. but, the pictures you sent make me want to give it a chance. your boys look beautiful and healthy. the days of the nicu seem so far away now. this too will pass soon and your life will get easier. hang in there and keep blogging! p.s. from my experience here in miami - it seems to take about three months to find a friend and 4-5 to start really feeling settled. but, i don't have a car so maybe it'll happen faster for you!

  8. wow. i'm tired just from reading this! you're life is quite the feat right now. you truly are superwoman to me. i don't know how you do it. i'm just thankful you get to do it in a beautiful little town. :) those pictures are to die for! and that description of you by tate, had me laughing out loud. i didn't know you were such a sickly person. but you are very, very nice. i agree with that one. miss you not so little clan! dying to get out there.

  9. That was the perfect post...made me laugh, made me cry (of course, that's not too hard to do these days as you well know:)The boys are looking so dapper in their matching striped sweaters! I am in awe of all that you do and the grace with which you do it!! Love you all! Mom

  10. Oh your children are beautiful! I can't believe your schedule... That's INSANE! YOU GO GIRL!!


  11. Those are sure cute kids that have you going 100 mph. That sort of helps, right? That said, I might reconsider praying for twins:)

  12. Wowsers. I cannot even wrap my head around this. Bless. Your. Heart. You are such good mom and your kids are so lucky. Always love seeing pictures of those darling baby boys. And that pic of the three of you is priceless.

    I'm glad that you at least love your new home/area. I bet you thank the heavens above that you are not in dominica right now! Wish we were close by. I miss you and feel sad that I can't watch those babies grow first hand. I think Eliza asks about "the girl Tate" every single day. Love her and her little brain. The cutest.

    Ok. Longest post ever. What else is new. Love you.

  13. Your boys are so handsome and so big already! You and your family have been in my prayers every step of the way.


  14. Your doing awesome! It does seem like Groundhog Day every day but eventually it does get better. I always used my 5 yr old to help me with bottles. Have you tried burping them at the same time. It takes practice but helps when your on the run! Good luck. It sounds like you are doing AMAZING!
    p.s. it was nice meeting you at Daielle and Bobby's wedding this past summer. (I am Hannah's sister with the twin boys who are 2)

  15. whew. I am worn out jsut from reading your schedule. Bless you. Abby misses her Tate time at Mrs. Browns. And had to laugh that Tate only likes scary or gross stories at night because Abby is obsessed with death right now. creepy. Good luck with all!

  16. I'm glad I'm not the only mom who is always late and frazzled! I work 7 on 7 off graveyards and I don't have anyone to watch my two boys (2 and 4) so I can sleep during the day. I usually get 3 hours of interrupted sleep during the day... seven days in a row. I always feel like I look like a frazzled mess lol I know life as a mother is so crazy but it's oh so worth it :) Keep up the good work!

  17. your family is beautiful! and you're a super woman! I can't imagine a schedule like that! Hang in there!

  18. wow! what an exciting life you have! i think change is fun. it sounds like you have a lot of it. your family is beautiful.


  19. Oh Chels...I don't think I could ever do that! I suck at schedules and definitely need my down time. Hang in there!

  20. sheesh!! can i just say that i often feel sorry for myself...not having enough me time, moving to a farm, etc. in those moments i always think of you. you have so much more you've been dealing with, yet you always have a smile on your face and rarely complain about it being hard. i'm not trying to be cheesy, but it seriously helps me get through my day with a positive attitude sometimes. you guys are wonderful parents! those three kids of yours are extremely lucky. can't wait to come visit. the twins are tate are looking so cute!

  21. totally need a pic of the hair. i bet its darling! you are wonder woman. i dont have twins and i am a fraziled mess and always late too if if makes you feel better. i am sure in 10 years you will look back and miss this time...maybe!:) xo

  22. Chelsea, You are truly amazing! I hope one day I can be half the mom you are! The boys are getting so big so fast, and Tate is as beautiful as ever! Hang in there, once the crazyness dies down you won't know what to do with yourself!! :) Glad to hear you are all well!

  23. you might not get this comment but i can't resist! i read this before but reading it again stresses me out all over again. chels, you are wonder woman! and can we please talk about either these sick or gross stories? hahahahahah never met a funnier human. she needs to give wells lessons so that i like him as much. heck i'm going to start looking up plane tickets right now. i need to get up there and take notes since all i do is watch tv in my messy apartment while wells is crawling around and sticking his fingers in outlets (most worthless mom ever). i need to see you guys! xoxo.


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