The friends in my life

posted on: 8.28.2011

This post has been a long time coming. Probably because thinking about this and taking it all in is so overwhelming. I'm talking about my friends. Old and new, far and close. I am surrounded by selfless, generous, and truly beautiful women. 
From the moment Wyatt and I moved back in April, not a week has gone by where I didn't hear from them. They all have families of their own. They all have trials of their own. They're all busy, very busy. But they make time to help, and have offered that time so freely.
For an entire two weeks each one brought me a fresh and frozen dinner. Delicious, elaborate dinners with dessert and plenty for leftovers. And they're still calling, offering, insisting on bringing dinner. Some have even brought 3 or 4 meals!
It's not just the ones pictured above, but all my dear friends. Friends who live out of state who send me messages weekly to check up and let me know they are thinking of me. Friends who call frequently to have Tate over to play. Friends who schedule girls night, and over-nighters. Friends who offer to babysit (all 3) while Wyatt and I have a date night, because she too has twins (+3 more!), and knows what it feels like.
Childhood friends who I haven't seen for years and years stopping by the hospital with treats, or sending me encouraging, and much needed emails. Friends offering up anything they don't use anymore that they think I might. I have never felt forgotten by them, I have only felt loved.
It's humbled me. It's made me think a lot about the kind of friend I am, and hoping one day I can be more like them. It's reminded me to keep these women close, keep in better touch, give back... because I could not have done this with out their support. The value of a good friend is immeasurable. I have felt that this summer, and I am so so grateful.


  1. this makes me cry. you do have good friends! i'm sure they love you because of who you are.

  2. Such a darling post. You are much loved Chels and so is your darling cute family. It has been so fun to see you lately. We, as I'm sure many others, will be so sad to see you leave again. And as you know we would always love to have little miss Tate over. Londyn hasn't stopped talking about her since she saw her Sat. I will be calling you.

  3. Girlfriends are the BEST, and I feel so lucky to be your friend!! You are such a fun, sweet, beautiful girl, and I have LOVED getting to know you, and to laugh with you over these last few years!! I'm glad to know that there are Many more memories to come!!

  4. Wow! My heart is sure full knowing I'm included in this. :) I love you SO much! Who doesn't adore and love you though. You are an amazing, amazing being and I count my blessings that our paths crossed!

    Thanks for always being there for me Chels! The feeling of gratitude is shared. :)


  5. What a nice picture! I should call my girls more often :((


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