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posted on: 7.04.2011

If you came over to our house this is what'd you'd hear, over and over again...

Is Finn awake yet?
Can I hold Finn?
I have to feed my babies, and pump my milk out too mom
Has Finn pooped yet?
Can I pick out Finn's outfit?
Can I turn Finn's music on?
Hi Finny Finny, it's okay Finny Finny
Can I change Finn's diaper?
I'm going to pick out another outfit for Finn, okay mom?
He is so cute!

He is such a drama queen 
Come here Bus (to Finn)
Tate, turn Finn's music off please
I'm just tired
Has Finn pooped yet?
You're not breathing, you're not breathing (to Finn when he eats)
 He looks so much like Tate
Ahhhhhh... test is over
He really is so cute

Can you feed Finn so I can pump?
I can't believe it's time to pump again
Tate, turn off Finn's music please
Come here Finners, Mr. Finn, Finny Boy, sweetheart
Has Finn pooped yet?
It's sooo nice to have him home
I'm tired
Wy, do you think I have enough milk stored to stop pumping?
Breathe Finn, breathe
I just love him
I've got to go pump again

eh, eh, eh (when he sleeps)
waaaaaaa (when he eats)
errr errr ahhh (when he tries  to poop)

All is revolving around this little creature Finn right now. It's been exhausting, but peaceful at the same time. I'm more grateful than ever though, to just have him home.


  1. i like hearing what you all are saying. such sweet exhaustion it is to have a newborn. does this mean wyatt took the step? that's wonderful. now he can relax and decompress a bit before the next step. i am happy for you all that you've come together so far over these hurdles. you are inspiring how you seem to keep it all together so well chels. i'm so glad i found you.

  2. Really?!? I am so happy for you all. He is so cute and you all sound and look so happy. The pictures of Tate are priceless, she waited so long. Love the sweet family picture of the four of you. I hope Tuck makes it home quick, can't wait for that family picture of 5. I just can't believe it...it seems like yesterday we were begging our husbands to have our firsts! Love you guys and really your family is beautiful.

  3. I love it. Great job friend, on everything.

  4. He is just too perfect!!! Love him! And if it makes you feel better, I ask the poop question about Cam daily too (:

  5. love this. he really does have 2 moms! tate is just adorable with him. so so happy he's home with you guys!

  6. Love it, so glad to hear that he is home!!!

  7. Loved this post... I can so relate! Days revolving around pumping, poo checking and feeding! Seems to never end, right? Finn is such a dream too. Glad he's home w/ you guys now.

  8. so sweet. the joys of having little ones around :)

  9. I love it. I can just imagine all of these conversations going on. I'm sure Tate is so helpful with little Finn. I always love the days she'll be over to make Graham a bit more fashionable. I'm so glad he's home.

  10. i want to be there for these conversations! this is killing me that he is home and i am not. love these - they all seem so fitting. i CANNOT WAIT to see tate in action with him. love that he is her new doll. glad everything is going well in the wyatt horsley home! see you on the 21st. i'm serious - your house is my first stop and hopefully there will be two little babies!

    ps i love finn's outfit in the last post - that is what i brought wells home from the hospital in... so soft and ninjaish. i just love it. he is a dream and so handsome.

  11. he has gotten so plump and adorable (always was the latter though).

    so glad he's home. and pooping. and listening to music. and looking like his big sister tate who's pretty darn cute.

  12. Aww, this is so wonderful (although I'm sure you're absolutely worn out!). Am so happy for you that you have him home. Love Tate's enthusiasm too :)

  13. Sarah: He really is so cute.
    I wish I could hold him.
    We are so happy for you guys.


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